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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct: All New Announcements

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder centric Direct deep dive into the latest 2D offering from Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the newest 2D Mario title that will grace our screens this October, and it’s going to be a fresh take on the series with new powers and settings to explore, as well as some other quirks.

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To help build excitement, Nintendo recently showed a new Nintendo Direct solely focused on the new title. It provided a deep dive into what players can expect from the upcoming game. In this guide, we’ll detail all the new announcements from the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct.

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Where can you Watch the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct?

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If you want to check out the Direct yourself and see Super Mario Bros. Wonder in action, you can visit the official Nintendo YouTube and find the presentation there. We also have the video right here for you. The video is relatively short, lasting roughly 15 minutes.

Everything New Announced in the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct

Players were treated to their most extensive look at Super Mario Bros. Wonder in the recent Direct, with looks at a lot of the new mechanics and features coming to the game. Here, we have listed everything new announced in the Direct.

New World, New Areas, New Enemies

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will take place in the Flower Kingdom, a new world comprising seven areas, including the Petal Isles. Ranging from Pipe-Rock Plateau to Shining Falls, all with different styles and visuals that give players something new to look at while platforming and enjoying the game.

You also have new enemies to encounter, including Hoppycats that mimic your moves, Melon Piranha Plants that shoot seeds, and Condarts that dive at you with their beaks. We imagine there will be many more to see in the full game.

Multiple Characters to Play

Besides Mario, players can choose to play as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Blue and Yellow Toad, and Toadette, and all play the same, so you can choose your favorite and enjoy the adventure as you want.

There will also be the option to play Yoshi and Nabbit, who do not take damage when hit, and offer a more easy-going experience for players or younger fans, so everyone can enjoy the game.

New Power-Ups

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder will feature several new Power-Ups for players to use, these being the elephant, which can easily break through blocks and store water to use as a weapon or to help out flowers.

There is also the Bubble Form, which shoots bubbles that can capture enemies and be used for platforming hard-to-reach areas, and the Drill Form, which can protect players from falling and hard-headed enemies, and allow you to burrow underground and into the ceiling. All these will offer new ways to play and are exciting additions to the Mario world. You can also expect some of the classics, like the Fire Flower, to make an appearance, too.

Equip Badges for New Abilities

One of the most exciting new additions is a Badge system, where players can earn different badges and purchase them with a new currency, and can be equipped to characters and provide new abilities; these include a Grappling Vine Badge that sticks to walls, Enhanced Wall Jumping, the Dolphin Kick for speedy swimming, or the Crouching High Jump Badge for bigger leaps.

Wonder Effects

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Wonder Effects trigger when players find a Wonder Flower, transforming the world around them in weird and beautiful ways. These include changing your perspective, pipes coming to life, transforming your character, or having you float in space.

These earn you Wonder Seeds, which you can use to unlock additional stages in the world and offer new and exciting ways to enjoy the game in unanticipated ways.

Some can provide more challenges for players, such as turning you invisible, or make the game a little easier, like helping avoid deadly falls. From what we have seen, there are loads to collect, and we have only seen a small handful. We expect these will prove to be a great new addition to gameplay in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Co-op Offerings

Like previous Mario titles, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will have a local co-op so players can enjoy playing together, with the helpful feature of ghosts. When a player gets defeated, they can float around as a ghost and be revived before they disappear by other players. Doing so brings them right back, and they don’t lose a life either.

As for online, that works a bit differently. Players can create rooms with friends to see what each other is playing and set up races in levels for some friendly competition. Even when not playing with friends, if you connect online, you will see other players in the world and in courses playing the game in real-time. These “Shadows” can also bring you back to life if you bump into them as a ghost.

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On top of that, you can leave Standees in the world that players can use to revive themselves, so placing them in some tricky areas can significantly help players.

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