Teamfight Tactics – Gold Guide | How You Earn It, How To Maximize It


Teamfight Tactics has been out for a few days now, and players are trying to get to grips with the Gold system. If you want to have a proper plan of attack, you need to know what you must do to maximize your Gold income, so in this guide, we will cover how much Gold your earn, when you earn it, and some essential things you need to know.

How Gold Works In Teamfight Tactics

Gold Income Teamfight Tactics

Your primary income is a set amount of Gold you earn every turn, referred to in-game as Passive Income. It will increase by one Gold each round to a maximum of five. For every 10 Gold you have at the start of a round, you also earn Interest. You will earn one extra gold for each multiple of 10 that you have, up to a maximum of 50, for a maximum of five extra Gold. Whether you have 50 Gold or 70 Gold, you can only earn five extra Gold from Interest.

You can also earn Gold from winning, or losing, in streaks. Once you win or lose two games in a row, you will get an additional one Gold for that turn. Add another win or loss to the streak, and you will get two extra Gold. You can see in the picture above I have five gold from Passive Income, three Gold from Interest on my balance of 30 Gold, and two Gold from my win streak for a total of 10 Gold that turn.

Gold and Economy Hints and Tips

Generally speaking, once you have a basic team comp put together, you want to start to build up your Gold. I like to build the strongest team I can in the first few turns and go for a winning streak up until the first Champion Carousel. This allows me to build up some extra gold from a winning streak, and I don’t really care about the first Champion Carousel at all, so don’t mind picking last. The first carousel will only ever have basic Champs on it, and will never have a completed item. People will also worry about your early win streak, and check the champs you are building and try to counter you by buying them so you can’t hit three stars. We only really care about hitting three stars on maybe a couple of those early champs though, so it’s not an issue.

After that, I like to go on a losing streak until the second carousel. I earn the same amount of gold, but I am just converting my health (which doesn’t matter at that point) into Gold. This allows me to start earning good Interest as well quickly. I want to hit 50 Gold as soon as I can, only picking up champs that will allow me to build on my initial team. I’ll typically build around a Garen or Darius, to act as a front line, then put the rest of the team together around them. People seem to be sleeping on Assassin’s a little, so I like to stack them up as you have little competition to get the champs.

What you want to do is have maximum income when the Level 3 or 4 champions start coming into the rotation. Being able to stack these up quickly is the difference maker into the late game. Exactly how you go about doing this, and when, is up to you, there are too many possible combinations to cover them all here. It will depend on when you Level up; I like to do this once early, to jump up to four champ slots and guarantee those early wins. Right now, I prefer to invest heavily in Level 3 or 4 champs rather than wait for Level 5 champs to fall into my lap. Sending a couple of two and three star Level 3 and 4 champs into a fight goes a long way to finding those mid and late game wins.

It is also essential to understand that the Champs you purchase and sit on the sidelines are still worth gold. Any Champ can be sold at any time; you want to remain flexible in your approach because the shared Champ pools mean you won’t always get the Champs you want. The important thing is that you have enough gold to react in the late game. I’ve dropped down to single digit health with four or five players still in the game and outlasted them all because they invested too much gold too early, and I have the late game economy to build what I needed to stifle their builds. So, earn that gold, don’t worry about the early game wins and get ready to react in the late game and punish early greed, and you should find lots of success in Teamfight Tactics.