Teamfight Tactics – Common Builds | Gunslinger And Pirates Build

I’d argue that any build with Pyke has some potential, but Gunslingers and Pirates is surprisingly substantial. It’s not an S-tier build, but it contains something players can optimize in most games because many won’t be hunting for it. Unfortunately, some of the units you need can be pretty sought after by your competitors. You also want to make smart choices about the extra units you bring in because you will need a chunky frontline to protect your damage dealers.

Gunslingers and Pirates Build

The champions you will be looking for are Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, and Pyke. This setup gets you four Gunslingers, and three Pirates, acquiring the synergy in a small number of Champions. The build relies on picking up the Gangplank. Otherwise, you need to look for Miss Fortune, and she arrives too late in the game to make this work.

  • Three Pirates – Earn up to four additional gold for each PvP battle.
  • Four Gunslingers – 50 percent chance to attack ALL additional targets in range.

Tristana and Graves are your early focus. Both of them start showing up in the earliest Champion pools, so you want to buy as many as you can. Tristana at three-stars is extremely powerful and cheap to build. She only costs one gold. If you can get Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, and Pyke rolling by Level five, you’re going to see a big power spike. Pyke benefits immensely from a Spear of Shojin. You want to build attack speed items for Tristana and keep an eye on what your opponents are building. If you see someone making a lot of casters, it’s a good idea to mitigate that damage by building items like the Dragon’s Claw.

Graves is an odd character because you might get him to three-stars. But I think he isn’t worth putting items on. I’ve seen people do some crazy things with Graves, but those singular games he carries always seem to be outnumbered by the dozens of games where he gets stomped.

Your pivots come in when you are picking your front line. Champions like Sejuani and Cho’Gath provide some great tank and reliable crowd control. Cho’Gath probably has the best crowd control in the game. You do want to build up the chunkiest front line you can, so it might be worth grabbing some brawlers and tanks as you move through the stages, then swapping out whatever makes sense depending on what you are fighting.

Lucian is a wild card, and you should keep an open mind about making him your carry if you level him up before Tristana. His mobility tends to keep him alive in fights, and he is often the last person on your team standing. When Miss Fortune shows up, grab her, and replace one of your Gunslingers with her. Miss Fortune’s ult can do severe damage, but you need to protect her.

The main advantage of this build is all the extra gold. You should be hitting your levels early, and you should always have more gold to play with than your opponents. You want to press this advantage.