The 10 best base locations in Kenshi

Planning a new base. Or ten.

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Kenshi is among the most open out of all open-world survival games in that it allows the player to do practically anything, with deep systems in place to let you play the way you want. One of the most interesting features of Kenshi is the ability to set up your own base and make it whatever you like. It can be a fortress, a colony, a town, a mining operation, a farm, or any combination of the above. While you can build your base almost anywhere in the world, there are some places that are better than others. Below, we will give you ten suggestions for the best locations to build your next base in Kenshi.

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The ten best base locations in Kenshi

Border Zone

Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

This area will be well known to everyone who’s started Kenshi on default settings. It makes sense, as it’s a very easy area to thrive in, with good towns to trade with while you build up your power base. You can build near the Hub or Squin and submit to them, or build into the mountains and play the two towns against each other. There are several outposts, as well as all the resources you need for a good start.

Fishman Island

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This small island is located in the southern part of Kenshi’s map, right off the coast. There’s a narrow landbridge connecting it to the mainland, which makes it a natural chokepoint for easy defense. The isle is home to a town of the same name, but you might want to “evict” its inhabitants and claim the whole isle as your own. From there, you can make pirate forrays and raid along the coast for all the resources you might need. 


Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

If you like to survive in the wetlands away from the hustle of any major cities and their taxes and patrols, then Floodlands are the perfect location to build your base. The main company in your new location will be the Iron and Security Spiders, who guard the nearby Ancient Locations. Those are the exact places that you want to raid from your base, letting you get valuable loot to trade and improve your stronghold.


Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

If you can make your way east and get to the Greenbeach area, look for a narrow passage up to a plateau in the mountains overlooking the beaches and the sea. This is the perfect location for an easily defensible base. You have all of the resources that you may want, while the single natural chokepoint makes it extremely easy to defend from raids. There are no major towns nearby to tax you, so you’re home free.

Leviathan Coast

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This area is located in the northwestern part of the Kenshi map. It’s a great location for a safari base because there is plenty of dangerous game to be found and hunted. If you feel like raiding, there are lost armories, libraries, and old watchtowers to check for loot, while the coast itself is fertile enough to make an isolated self-sufficient base.

Northern Coast

Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

This northern coastal region is remote, but not as remote as some others. You still have the town of World’s End nearby to trade with, while having a large sprawl of fertile and rich land to exploit and build your base in. This region is teeming with both animal and human patrols, providing you with many opportunities to get rich and further develop your lands in the region.

Okran’s Pride

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Okran’s Pride is just on the cusp of Holy Nation territory, so any outpost you build there will be subject to their tax and prayer days. However, you’ll also be relatively safe, with their patrols clearing the roads and land from most dangers, letting you take charge of getting the base up and running with some comfort. Just remember that they don’t like non-humans, so make sure that your settlement doesn’t keep Skeletons or other races in it.


Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

Shem lands are great for building sprawling farms. The area is a bit lacking in stone, so you’ll likely have to import it, but there are plenty of lakes with fertile grounds all around them. The Shem also sends a lot of caravans out, so it’s a great opportunity to trade or raid, whichever way you feel inclined. The small lakes in this area can greatly help the defensiveness of your base, slowing down any attackers so that your turrets make quick work of them.

The Pits

Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

If you’re feeling adventurous, the Pits are a great location for a base. You might be building in fully infertile lands and have to rely on hydroponics, but you’ll be in a region that has double the quantity of all ores and minerals. Moreover, the constant feuding between Skeletons and Crab Raiders can be a major source of loot while you build up your strength, culminating in a massive potential for a thriving forge town of your own.

The Swamp

Image via Kenshi Interactive Map

The Swamp might not sound like the most inviting place for a base, but this region hides many riches that are ripe for the taking. Depending on your preference, you can build closer to the border (and thus civilization) or deeper in the mire for a more isolated approach. The Swamp is also bordering almost all other biomes, letting you branch out in any direction you want. Not only that, but the region itself is teeming with life, and has plenty of small settlements, ruins, camps, and more. Simply said, you can indulge in a variety of activities no matter which ones you enjoy.