The 10 Best Minecraft Cottagecore Building Designs

Have you tried these designs yet?

Screengrab via PlatinumThief’s YouTube

Cottagecores are getting increasingly popular, and they have also made their way into Minecraft. Although traditionally, Cottagecores are associated with rural English and European homes, there are ways to customize or modify them, especially in Minecraft. Hence, we’ve listed the 10 best Cottagecores designs that you can use in your Minecraft world.

Bee Cottagecore

Screengrab via Arichoo’s YouTube

Bees are a perfect company to have in your Cottagecore. Not only is building a bee-themed Cottagecore is aesthetically pleasing, but it also speeds up how long it takes to grow crops.

Boat Cottagecore

Screengrab via Sv Gravity’s YouTube

If you are a fan of fishing in Minecraft and often go on a voyage, you can have your Cottagecore built on a boat. This will eliminate the need to get back on land frequently and also gives you space to store goods.

English Cottagecore

Screengrab via Kelpie The Fox’s YouTube

There is nothing better than a classic English Cottagecore. The nostalgia with this Cottagecore is strong, and you will immediately feel the traditional English vibes.

Fairy Bridge Cottagecore

Screengrab via Cherie Luna’s YouTube

Diverting away from the standard Cottagecores, you can also build one on a bridge. There are several ways to approach this, but one of the more popular ones revolves around the fairy theme, which can be done by using stone blocks and plenty of flora.

Fishing Dock Cottagecore

Screengrab via Kelpie The Fox’s YouTube

Much like Boat Cottagecore, Fishing Dock Cottagecore will be your home for all your fishing trips. You can store all the necessary fishing equipment here, along with food items.

Flower Cotagecore

Screengrab via sillyblocks’ YouTube

Flower Cottagecore is aesthetically pleasing and exudes positive vibes. It is easy to build and doesn’t require a lot of resources. Furthermore, there are several ways to customize it by adding a different variety of flowers.

Mountain Cottagecore

Screengrab via Tootsie’s YouTube

Need a getaway home for your mountain expeditions? Mountain Cottagecore is a perfect choice for anyone that often travels to the top. You can make it cozier by adding a fireplace inside and a bonfire in the yard.

Mushroom Cottagecore

Screengrab via Fevin’s YouTube

The mushroom world and different buildings related to mushrooms have always been popular amongst Minecraft players. If you are a fan of the same, you can create your own Mushroom Cottagecore. Start with a standard Cottagecore structure and add red blocks at the top to complete the funky mushroom look.

Survival Cottagecore

Screengrab via Ayvocado’s Youtube

Survival Cottagecore is the best bet for anyone that is new to Minecraft, and it is straightforward to build. Although this Cottagecore is more geared toward basic survival and not aesthetics, it still can be customized if needed.

Underground Cottagecore

Screengrab via Kelpie The Fox’s YouTube

Underground bunkers are in trend, and you can have the same in Minecraft. Fill your underground Cottagecore with essentials and cozy furniture. Furthermore, you can get your friends to come along and have a real underground party.