The 10 rarest Bloodhound skins in Apex Legends

Allfather, give them sight.

young blood

It’s no secret that Bloodhound has become both a flagship character and a fan favorite in Apex Legends. And with that comes a lot of cool skins, though some of rarer than others. If we had to whittle down their skins to the rarest of the rare, we are left with 10 skins that are harder to come by than any other, and one premium skin too good to leave off of the list.

Event Skins

Over the course of the game, Bloodhound has had six event skins. Two standard epic skins, two standard legendary skins, and two premium legendary skins.

Epic Skins

epic bloodhound skins

The only epic skins to make this list are Master of the Hunt and Cyber Hunt. They were exclusive to the Legendary Hunt and System Override events, respectively. While they only cost 800 crafting metals each, they were still only available for a very short time.

Legendary Skins

legendary bloodhound skins

The legendary event skins are even harder to acquire. The two non-premium options are The Centurion from the Iron Crown event and Protector of the Patch from the Fight or Fright Halloween event, which is undoubtedly one of the best Bloodhound skins in the game.

Premium Legendary Skins

premium bloodhound skins

During Bloodhound’s own event, ‘The Old Ways,’ there were two premium skins that cost 1,800 premium currency each. Young Blood, their outfit from when they were younger, and Wise Warrior, in which Bloodhound wears a mask resembling an owl.

Store Exclusives

store exclusive bloodhound skins

Next, we have Bloodhound’s four-store exclusive skins. For these skins, you already need to own the standard legendary skin each store exclusive is a variant of—each costs 10,500 legend tokens, except Wandering Warrior, which only costs 6,500.

  • Great Winter (requires Imperial Warrior)
  • Raven’s Shadow (requires The Plague Doctor)
  • Wandering Warrior (requires Royal Guard)
  • Radiant Stalker (requires Royal Guard)

There is currently no store exclusive for The Runekeeper legendary skin.

The Intimidator

bloodhound the intimidator

The final skin we are discussing today is The Intimidator. While it’s not traditionally ‘rare,’ per se, it does require you to spend real money. This skin is one of the rewards from buying the DLC pack ‘Bloodhound Edition’ or ‘Lifeline and Bloodhound Double Pack.’ Also, probably their most badass skin of all.

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Honorable mention to the Greatness Awaits Playstation 4 exclusive rare skin.