The 10 rarest Lifeline skins in Apex Legends

If you’re with her, she’s with you.

Pirate Queen

Lifeline is one of the starting legends and the only starting support character. Even her basic design has gotten a lot of attention, but there are quite a few skins that bring Lifeline’s look to the next level. Here is a look into 10 of Lifeline’s best and rarest skins, and one premium skin we just couldn’t leave out.

Event Skins

Event skins are often some of the most sought out skins. Not including rare tier skins, Lifeline has had five event skins since launch. Three epic skins and two legendary.

Epic Skins

Epic skins Lifeline
Image via Respawn

Compared to the other legends, Lifeline’s epic skins are some of the best. Pain Killer from the Legendary Hunt, Green Widow from Fight of Fright and Snow Crystal from Holo-Day Bash, are Lifeline’s three epic event skins.

Legendary Skins

Legendary Event skins Lifeline
Image via Respawn

Lifeline’s two legendary event skins are Judge Jury Executioner from the Iron Crown event, and arguably her best skin of all: Pirate Queen. This skin is from the most recent event, Lost Treasures, and has already spurred on many fanart pieces. She definitely makes a statement in this look.

Battle Pass Exclusive

From the Ashes
Image via Respawn

Lifeline is one of the legends to have a legendary skin unlock on a battle pass. To get this cool demonic skin: Into the Ashes, you had to have reached level 53 on Season 3: Meltdown. This was a prize from premium battle pass holders only.

Store Exclusives

Image via Respawn

Like many of the starting legends, Lifeline has four store exclusive skins. These skins require that you already own the standard legendary skin that the store exclusive is a variant of. Each skin costs 6,500 legend tokens, except Lifeline Bling, which costs 10,500.

  • First Responder (requires Organized Anarchy)
  • Lifeline Bling (requires Peak Performer)
  • Balance Shift (requires Vital Signs)
  • Rejuvination (requires London Calling)

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
Image via Respawn

Lastly, we have the Guardian Angel. This skin isn’t rare, so it’s not in our top 10, but it is only available for a premium. To get it, you must buy the DLC pack ‘Lifeline Edition’ or ‘Lifeline and Bloodhound Double Pack.’ If you had the demon skin with Into the Ashes, now you have an angel to match.

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Honorable mention to the Blossom Voidwalker event rare skin.