The 5 best Discord banner ideas – Cool, funny, and cute banners

Let your freak flag fly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Discord is quickly becoming the go-to forum, messaging service, and community center on the internet. As online denizens, we understand the importance of effectively expressing yourself via whatever avenue you have available. Your time on Discord will be a much more pleasant one once you’ve found a nice banner. Get your 600×200 (minimum) canvas ready, and let’s create a seemingly-tangible online persona.

Cute Discord banners

1) Pet pictures

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s impossible to go wrong with cat pictures. If you don’t have your own, store-bought is fine (or hastily Googled in this case). You might have a hard time settling on just one. May we humbly suggest this author’s cat, Sunday?

Funny Discord banners

2) Cropped memes

Screenshot by Gamepur

This might be a personal favorite, but cropping the bottom text out of anything and jamming it up into a banner space is peak humor. Where did the rest of it go? Did it even ever exist? That’s for you to know. Everyone else will just have to live with the mystery.

3) Memes in general

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’re probably on the internet enough as it is. Next time you see something that makes you smile, remember to save it so you can upload it as your new Discord banner. Something as simple as edited subtitles over a dramatic scene is enough to get a laugh out of an unsuspecting server-mate.

Cool Discord banners

Finding a cool Discord banner that suits your style is as easy as scouring your interests. Reading a manga you like? A cool banner is easy, narrowing them down to pick just one is the hard part.

4) Game screenshots

Screenshot by Gamepur

Games are designed to be stylish so nearly any screenshot of something you’re playing right now would create a striking banner. It may even draw in some conversation.

5) Comic book panels

Screenshot by Gamepur

Comic book panels are condensed packages of motion, color, and flavor. If you’re a fan of any comic in the world, you probably have a favorite panel. Turns out they make for excellent banners as well.