UFC 4: 5 ground defense tips you need to know

Here are five tips for playing defense when the opposition is trying to take the fight to the ground.

Taking down your opponent in UFC 4 is a very effective method to pound the opposition into oblivion. But while it can be a useful tool to win fights, you do not want to be on the other side of one. Losing a grappling battle and getting taken down puts a fighter one step closer to either tapping out to the opposing competitor or having the referee stop the fight and rule it a TKO loss.

So what do you need to know about ground defense in UFC 4? We have you covered as we offer you five tips that you should know about ground defense in UFC 4.

Know the controls

Before anything else, you need to know what controls you need to press to stop a takedown. If the opponent attempts a takedown, press LT/L2 + RT/R2 to stop it. You’ll have to very quick to recognize a potential takedown, as if you don’t press the triggers at the right time, the opposition will bring you to the mat. 

Opponents can also go for turning takedowns, which are slightly different than the traditional one, in that it also involves the left stick (either up or down). To prevent one of these, you will have to use the left stick along with LT/L2 and RT/R2 and push it either up or down to stay on your feet. If you need more help on the controls for preventing takedowns, YouTuber Baylian has a good breakdown on these moves on his channel.

Get familiar with the HUD

If you are taken down to the ground, it’s important to utilize the HUD to get yourself back up. The Grapple Assist HUD (left stick) and the Legacy Grapple HUD (right stick) can be good aids to help you get back to the ground, or counter into a submission. If you are using the former HUD, shift the left stick in the direction indicated on the screen to either go into a submission (if your fighter has one) or attempt to get up. Keep in mind, however, that this HUD is limited. If you are using the Legacy HUD, you’ll have more options available to you, such as moving to the half guard or the sprawl, that you can use to counter the opposition.

The thing with attempting to transition, though, is that it relies on something very important: stamina.

Preserve your stamina

If you have a low amount of stamina, it will make it harder to break loose of the opposition on the ground or attempt to pound your way out. Because of this, you will need to choose your breaks wisely. If you are attempting to break free, try to wait as long as possible so you can let your Stamina bar fill back up. Once it fills to the highest possible value, you will be able to transition faster and easier.

In addition to the stamina bar, you will want to keep an eye on the green Block bar on the screen. This will indicate how much energy you will have left with your blocks, which is very important if the opposition is in a Full Guard position. If you block enough shots in succession, you can break the mount.

Know how to stop the opponent’s transition

If you’re on the ground and you see that the opponent is moving to a new position on the HUD, you need to know how to stop that transition. To do so, hit RT/R2 and move the right stick in the same direction the opponent is pushing it to prevent the transition. You’ll want to stop it as quickly as you can, as the speed of a transition depends on the amount of stamina the opponent has. If you see one of these transitions, quell it as quickly as possible.

Understand you can’t stop everything

The bottom line is that it would be nice to catch every potential takedown, you can’t win every battle. There are going to be times when you lose a battle, and you will get taken down. And if you are taken down, there will be times when the opposition gets the upper hand with grappling and striking. The key is that it’s important to know the counters and not panic when you are in an uncomfortable spot.

If the opponent goes for a ground-and-pound TKO, use your blocks (as we mentioned earlier). Another effective method to prevent a stoppage is using the right stick to weave left or right to dodge a straight. Also, hit LB/L1 to attempt to catch and counter to get out of a tight jam.

Lastly, if the opposition goes for a submission, don’t get too trigger-happy, or the bar will get too big. It’s easy to panic in those situations, but holding down the triggers softly will make sure that the bar doesn’t shift in one direction too quickly, which will ensure that your bar stays small.

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Follow these tips and stay calm when playing defense on the ground, and you’ll be one step closer to turning the fight around.