How to get diamonds in Garena Free Fire

We have all the ways you can earn diamonds in the free, mobile battle royale.

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Diamonds are the premium currency in the mobile battle royale Garena Free Fire and are the currency you can use to get aesthetic improvements for characters and weapons, activate the game’s Elite Pass, unlock character skills, and more.

As a result, they are a hot item for all players. Here, we have compiled five ways for you to earn diamonds in the game to help you get the upper hand in the popular battle royale!


Yes, as is always the case, you can choose to buy diamonds with real money. It is the fastest and most straightforward way for players to obtain diamonds, but of course, there is the factor of spending money.

There are a few different ways you can go about purchasing diamonds, and each of them requires you to press the diamond icon at the top of the screen:


You can buy diamonds directly, and it comes with different packages. The more you buy, the more diamonds you will get for better prices.

Weekly Offerings

Each week, different packages are offered players to buy. They usually include tickets to play in Luck Royale mode, and sometimes they will directly give you diamonds. These are limited packs and will even begin to discount as the week progresses, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

VIP Membership

You can buy the game’s VIP membership for a week ($1.99) or a month ($7.99). For the week membership, you will earn 60 diamonds per day for that week. The monthly membership will give you that daily haul as well, but with the added benefit of 100 diamonds upfront, as soon as you buy it.


The game has its own web platform that you can go to and buy diamonds as well. Simply visit the Pagostore, sign in using your log in using your user ID or Facebook account, and purchase the diamonds.

The website is in Spanish, however, so it can be a little difficult to navigate.

Coupon Codes

This is the first free option, though it is a much more rare way of getting diamonds. There are coupon codes that are out there for players to find, you just have to know where. You have to be aware of social networks in the game, influencer accounts, and official game events that are organized all around the world where Garena takes advantage of using these codes.

Once you have a code, go to their rewards redemption site, and enter the code to receive the diamonds in your account.

Buy Elite Pass

You can buy the Elite Pass as well, which is the “premium” version of the game’s Fire Pass. It has its benefits beyond just the diamonds as well. Purchasing the Elite Pass can net you around 10,000 diamonds, and it will also unlock new challenges and increase your daily gold limit to 100 units.

To purchase the pass, press the “Fire Pass” icon in the bottom left of the lobby screen.

When you have gone to that page, press “Upgrade.”

Finally, choose the Elite Pass. The Elite Bundle will give even more benefits but the amount of diamonds isn’t too different.


Our last method is events. The game hosts temporary events on a regular basis, and these events can be accessed from the upper-right corner of the lobby screen. This will take you to a screen where you can see all active events. Rewards for each event may change and give you the opportunity to receive diamonds.

Avoid hacks and cheats

You may come across some third-party apps or codes you can use to get diamonds, but we absolutely do NOT recommend these methods. If you are caught using them, you can be permanently banned from the game.

With these methods, you can be sure to maximize your income of diamonds and get yourself all those fancy new looks, weapons, and skills you’ve been eyeing for so long.

Garena Freefire is available now on Android and iOS.