The 8 Best Minecraft Barn House Designs and Builds

Looking for the best barn designs?

Screengrab via Smithers Boss’s YouTube

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When playing Minecraft, it’s vital to have decent storage space for all the goods and foods you collect throughout your journey. A barn is typically the go-to for many players to store goods, which is why we are listing the eight best barn ideas that players can use for building their barn in Minecraft.

Aesthetic Barn

Screengrab via LennyRandom’s YouTube

A barn just doesn’t have to be a space for storing goods. There are a lot of customizations you can do to make it fancier. This particular barn is made out of dark logs and is big in size. You can also add different flora or use other colored blocks for building the barn.

Animal Barn

Screengrab via Zaypixel’s YouTube

Having pets or animals in general around you in the game is always pleasant. Hence, you can build an animal barn that will help you store goods and be a home for your pets. Although a farm might be more suitable for keeping your domestic animals, a barn will work just fine if you build it big enough.

Classic Barn

Screengrab via Ector Vynk’s YouTube

There is a certain charm that a classic barn exudes that can be matched by no other. Even though there are a plethora of designs available, you can never go wrong with building a traditional barn in your Minecraft world.

Modern Barn

Screengrab via Keralis’ YouTube

You can stray away from the traditional-looking barn and go for more modern aesthetics. It is much more convenient than a traditional barn since you can add a lot more facilities. Furthermore, You can also construct a swimming pool where you can unwind during your free time.

Medieval Barn

Screengrab via Mr Mirror’s YouTube

Medieval structures have always been popular amongst hobbyists. If you are a fan of the same, you can build a medieval barn in Minecraft. You can use the regular wood or Spruce wood to make it fancier. There is also a stable attached to the barn for your horses to relax.

Stone Barn

Screengrab via TheMythicalSausage’s YouTube

Stone Barn is durable and looks extremely beautiful. Instead of using wooden logs, this design is completely made of stone blocks. The stone barn in the image above can store a large number of goods and animals.

Survival Barn

Screengrab via One Team's YouTube
Screengrab via One Team’s YouTube

If you want to avoid aesthetics and just want a space for storing goods, a survival barn is your best bet. It is easy to build and doesn’t require a lot of materials. You can also add small farmland near the barn, which will ultimately yield profit.

Spruce Barn

Screengrab via TheMythicalSausage’s YouTube

Much like Stone Barn, you can have an entire barn made out of Spruce wood. Unlike the regular wood, Spruce wood is much darker in the shade and sports a unique look that is sure to turn heads.