The best build for quickscoping in COD: Modern Warfare

Finally, a way to quickscope like it is 2009.

When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was announced, many thought its quickscoping would come as easy as the original game it was named after. In actuality, 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare truly is a complex and realistic title, one that does its best to hold you back from doing something as unconventional as quickscoping. Luckily, with some adjustments to one very powerful gun in the game, you’ll be feeling like you are playing with the Intervention from Modern Warfare 2 in no time.

First, we must begin by dispelling some hard truths: marksman rifles are much friendlier when being used as an up-close shotgun, of sorts, rather than a long-range sniper. All of the guns in this category are a blast to play with, but you’ll need something that can get the job done in one shot from any range, as these don’t do much damage. The same logic can be applied to the Rytec AMR and Dragunov. If you don’t know what they are, here’s a synopsis: both are bombastic semi-automatics, but the pace of aiming down sights (or ADS) is just too slow. So here’s what that leaves you with.

The cream of the crop

You cannot go wrong with either the HDR or AX-50, but this article has the word “best” in its headline for a purpose. If you compare each’s stats, the AX-50 proves to be a tad faster, with more control. So, even for rookies, the best class will be suitable for your use. Now, it’s time to really format the AX-50 into something like the Intervention. Here is what you need:

  • Flash Guard: This is an obvious one. The attachment will dim the beam that lights up the end of the sniper, which gives away your location to so many, in most modes. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend Search and Destroy, if you decide to part ways with the Flash Guard.
  • 17.0″ Factory Barrel: Although 32-inches sounds nice, smaller is sometimes better. The mobility with this barrel skyrockets, as seen from the stats, and is the primary reason why the AX-50 becomes the best quickscoping gun. This will also increase movement speed, but decrease unessential qualities like bullet velocity and recoil control. This sniper is a one-hit killer, even without attachments, so don’t worry about recoil or anything of the like.
  • Tac Laser: This decision isn’t entirely understandable. Although just a silly little light that may give away your location, the Tac Laser gives honorable boosts to ADS speed, aiming stability, and aim walking steadiness. It’s worth it, as the objective is to give the sniper the fastest ADS in the game.
  • Stippled Grip Tape: You need this more than the game itself. In the attachment’s description, one pro listed is “Sprint to Fire Speed.” If there was ever a covert way of mentioning quickscoping, this is the game doing so. This will alter the zoom speed faster than even a shotgun’s. In result, once you get your aim straightened out, you’ll be winning most up-close to midrange gunfights.
  • Bipod: We did say it was going to seem like an Intervention, and this will add to the aesthetic. For some, this may seem like a terrible choice, but in truth, it’s one of the only last unchosen attachments that doesn’t poorly affect your quickscoping ability. To add, if you want the gold camo, getting kills while mounted is on the list of objectives to complete. So, with the Bipod, it should make that challenge slightly less painful.

There’s not much else that will give you a leg up from the competition. One tip that will catapult you to MLG-level quickscoping is that the white dot in the middle of the aiming toggle is where the middle of your scope reticle will be. So, the goal is to sway the white dot as close to your enemy before zooming in. It sounds incredibly difficult because, well, it is. However, with about 5 to 7 hours of practice, you’ll be a deadly killstreak machine from anywhere on the map.