The 10 best free multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5

These are some great options to play with your friends.

Image via Psyonix

While there is no shortage of great single-player games on a PlayStation console, some people just love to play with their friends. Getting all of your friend group together in a single game that you all put money down on can be difficult, though. With that in mind, you will want to consider downloading a free-to-play title. Here are the best free multiplayer games you can play with your friends on PS4 and PS5.

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Best free-to-play multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 and 5

Apex Legends

Image via EA

Apex Legends is a battle royale that you can play with up to two other people. The moving and shooting mechanics feel great; arguably, it is the best-feeling shooter on this list. When working together with your team, you will need to scavenge the area for weapons and attachments as you fight off other teams to be the last one standing. Each character has different abilities that can give you a leg up in a battle in certain situations, but the real difference will always come down to your skill.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Image via Activision

Warzone is Call of Duty’s second attempt at a battle royale game, but the first time they really went in head first on supporting it. While there is the 2.0 sequel about to come out at the time of this writing, many people have dropped a lot of hours of their life into the first Warzone. Like other battle royales, players will work together in a team to be the last one standing, but this game features the gulag, which gives you a chance to fight for one last chance to come back to the field. We love this spin on the battle royale genre giving you a second chance, and even if you lose in the gulag, a teammate can buy to bring you back. It means you are never fully out of a game until everyone on your team has been eliminated.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s base game being free-to-play will give you hours of looter shooter action that you can play with your friends. Unfortunately, you will need to spend some money on expansions if you want to jump into raids and new content with friends who are ahead of you, but if you can find someone willing to run through the main story with you, you will have a great time.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is best known for its crossover appeal. From Marvel heroes to real-world football players, there is such a massive appeal for so many fanbases that it makes sense why this free-to-play title has amassed so many players over the years. Being able to dress up as your favorite media personalities and work with your friends to duke it out in a battle royale is a perfect combination, even if some of the included skins are questionable. Regardless, Fortnite has made its name for a reason and is a great multiplayer game that you can enjoy with friends on various platforms.


Image via MultiVersus Youtube

MultiVersus is a platform fighter similar to Super Smash Bros. but featuring characters from various Warner Bros. properties like Scooby Doo, DC, and Rick and Morty. You can team up with a friend and take on random other teams as you duke it out and try to send the enemy off the screen. With such a wide variety of personalities and game styles available here, it is pretty easy to find a favorite to fall in love with as you work to learn how to play them.

Overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is one of the best hero shooters available, and it making the move to free-to-play allows so many more people to hop in and fall in love with this world. Teams of five people work together to eliminate the enemy team and control or move an objective. With over 30 characters available to you without needing to put any money down, this is one of the better games to give a try with your friends as you work through where each person plays best.

Realm Royale

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Realm Royale is similar to Fortnite, just without the crossover appeal. Teams of up to four people drop onto a map and fight to be the last standing as a circle closes in, pushing you closer together. The standout difference here is the forging system, which allows you to choose the type of item or upgrade that you receive by purchasing them with shards you earn for throwing away junk you don’t need. If you are looking for a new battle royale that is not Fortnite, you might want to give Realm Royale a try.

Rocket League

Image via Psyonix Studios

Rocket League is a very unique game, playing soccer with rocket-powered cars. Even if you are not a big fan of real-world soccer, you can fall in love with the fast movement of this game as you boost around the area, crashing into others and trying to score goals. Working with your friends to set each other up for easy shots is the best feeling as you reward each other for your teamwork.


Image via 1047 Games

Splitgate is the closest game PlayStation owners will have to Halo. The game features many similar mechanics and game modes that feel eerily close to Xbox’s flagship franchise. If you don’t have an Xbox yourself, you can enjoy this game with your friends as you shoot out portals that allow you to get across the map and take out the enemy instantly. The game feels great to play and brings out a lot of the fun that early 2000s players felt in Halo 2, just with a portal mechanic that makes you think differently on the battlefield.


Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is as close to a Destiny game as you will find that is not Destiny. While most people will probably prefer Bungie’s popular looter shooter over this free-to-play title, it is a great secondary choice and a good avenue if you need a break from the usual Destiny experience for something that is just different enough.