The best gods in Smite (mid-2020)

Become a god among gods.

SMITE Splash screen

In the Battleground of the Gods, no-one is taken prisoner. The wars rage on, as the ancient pantheons of history battle it out for supremacy of the ancient three lanes and jungle collectively known as Smite’s Conquest. Like every game in the MOBA genre, certain characters present a better proposition in the fight against the enemy, and here we will present those Gods whose ability kit and power potential offer players the best chance of victory, even if you’re a complete beginner. 

For this list, we will be using the Conquest mode as a baseline as it is the main mode of the game. Here are the best Gods in Smite by class.

Guardian – Magical

Guardians are typically more tanky characters that can take more hits but deal less damage, often taking up the supporting role in the two-man (or duo) lane of the Conquest map, though more aggressive, higher damage ones can play the jungle role.


Smite Geb
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The God of the Earth Geb is an excellent Guardian whose kit is one of the best to start with as a new player, while also being flexible and powerful enough to work in for any level. Great mobility, good crowd control skill, and an ultimate that is fantastic for starting team fights, Geb is an excellent pick if you want to learn how to protect your friends.


Smite Khepri
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Everyone’s favorite giant beetle, Khepri is an excellent supporting God. Two crowd control abilities and a wide range projectile make him a great aid for the “Carry” role in the team. Not only this, Khepri’s ultimate is one of the best supporting ultimates in the game, allowing you to save dying teammates in fights and avoid causing a numbers disadvantage as he will save teammates who hit zero health while the ability is active. 


Smite Ares
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

When it comes to Ares, his kit is not complicated. He can throw out chains that can cause huge damage and slow opponents, launch fire from his shield to take down lane minions, and has an ultimate that rocks team fights if the opponent team has not purchased the Purification Beads artifact. It’s an aggressive toolset that can work excellently across all modes in Smite, and one befitting the Greek God of War.

Mage – Magical

Mages are damage dealers that often take on the role of the middle lane, crucial for ensuring that the enemy team’s jungler doesn’t overrun your camps and get too far ahead of the game. However, Mages can also be useful in the Solo lane and occasionally as the jungler.


Smite Hel
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of Smite’s oldest Gods, Hel is the split personality God that provides both bursts of healing from the good side, and damage from her dark side. Not only is Hel powerful on both of her forms, but it also forces the enemy to buy anti-healing items to counter her healing output. This opens up opportunities for the rest of your team to exploit the gaps left by the need to build that anti-heal. She’s also not that difficult to use, making Hel a great middle lane pick.

He Bo

Smite He Bo
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The glass cannon of Smite, He Bo when built for power can do astronomical amounts of damage to single targets. His long-range instant cast spell Waterspout lifts enemies off the floor and can be great for pushing enemies out of position for a gank, while his ultimate can wipe out an entire team very quickly if used smartly. He’s not the most mobile, but He Bo excels at one on ones, so if you are caught out of position but only have one God in your face, you will be favorite to win in most instances. His ultimate can also be used in a pinch to escape too while doing big damage along the way.


Smite Scylla
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the more underrated Gods in the game, there is a lot to like about Syclla. She’s got an extremely safe area damaging ability that allows her to clear minion waves from a distance, an excellent escape ability, and a spell that will root an enemy for long enough that you can deal significant damage. Her ultimate requires some skill to hit consistently, but it’s also very powerful when you do, and can be used again if you kill an enemy with it. 

Warrior – Physical

Warriors are melee fighters that combine a good amount of sustain with solid damage and carry toolsets for team fights and aggressive gameplay. They are the most common class in the Solo lane but bulkier ones can be used as a Support God.


Smite Achilles
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the best all-round Gods in the game, Achilles is strong in attack, beefy in defense with a passive ability that can boost either of them, has an interesting tool kit that can provide damage to enemies and healing to himself, and can spar favorably with pretty much every other God used in the Solo lane. His ultimate also acts as an execution, so if you can get an enemy close to death, finishing them off with it will put you in a strong position. 


Smite Osiris
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Osiris is a versatile Solo lane God. His poking abilities deal a decent amount of damage while also being fairly easy to hit. He’s got great sustainable health while also providing a good anti-heal option with his ultimate, making him a great pick if the opponent picks a heal heavy God selection, such as Hel or Sylvanus. Osiris is also great when keeping Gods within arms length as he can mitigate close combat damage incredibly well.


Smite Tyr
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the more difficult Gods to play but also one of the most rewarding, the one-handed Norse God Tyr, like Hel, has two forms, one which is more offensive heavy, and one more defensive. However, Tyr’s main combo of juggling players into the air is immensely fun while also providing an excellent platform for ganking. He matches favorably against most other warriors too so he’s worth investing your time in.

Assassin – Physical

Assassins are high damage, high mobility characters that don’t have a huge health pool but excel at exploiting enemies that are on the back foot. Usually playing as a jungler but with some capable of playing in the solo lane, assassins rely on intelligent movement to take down enemies, often helping their own team with fights and ganks.


Smite Camazotz
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Arguably one of the strongest early game Gods in Smite, Camazotz has very powerful minion clears while also being very mobile. If you can build pressure early with Camazotz, there’s the potential to snowball the rest of the match and win very quickly. His ultimate is also fantastic for chasing down those trying to escape.


Smite Mercury
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Going fast is a boon when you’re the jungler God in a MOBA as junglers are always on the move, and it just so happens to be Mercury’s specialty. His high damage is linked to his movement, so the more you head around the map, the more pain you can inflict. High attack speed and an ultimate that can stop an enemy God in their tracks make Mercury very tricky opposition. 


Smite Thor
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the Gods that the game offers to you for free without the need to unlock or wait for a free week on rotation, Thor is incredibly mobile while also offering solid damage all around. He’s also an ideal God to use to learn the jungler role due to his ability to get around the map quickly and an ultimate that makes engaging in a fight very easier. Thor is even played regularly at higher ranks, making him an obvious choice to improve your skills with.

Hunter – Physical

Hunters are one of the main damage dealers in the game along with mages, providing consistent, moderate damage from auto-attacks and abilities often without huge burst potential outside of ultimates, though at the cost of more utility-based abilities. They are the second of the two-man team in the duo lane along with the support, though they can also be deployed in the mid and solo lane.


Smite Heimdallr
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

One of the more recent Gods to be added to the game, Heimdallr is not the easiest God to excel with, but learning him would provide a huge boon to you and your team simply for his incredible damage output. Auto-attacks are powerful, his abilities can crunch more squishy Gods quickly and his ultimate allows for you and your team to get into position to dunk an incapacitated enemy. Add in a flexible escape ability and Heimdallr has all the tools you could ever want on a hunter.

Hou Yi

Smite Hou Yi
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Chinese God Hou-Yi is one of the least exciting in Smite in terms of lore, but he’s one of the few hunters that stays consistently strong regardless of the meta. A big reason for this is his first ability Ricochet, which is an arrow that amplifies damage whenever it is bounced off walls before hitting an opponent. When used correctly, Hou Yi can shred just about any God with a couple of wall bounces. A great escape ability and solid overall damage also make him a great pick for your team’s main damage outlet.


Smite Hachiman
Image via Hi-Rez Studios

In the same way that Thor is a great God for learning to play as a jungler, Hachiman is one of the best choices for learning to play the “Carry” role. His abilities offer simple benefits and his ultimate has great range to it, while his all-round damage-dealing potential is very high with most builds, so if you want a character that works at all levels of play, Hachiman is your God.