The best mods for beginners in Warframe

Some of the essential mods for new Warframe playes.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe is many things, but one thing that it is not is easy for new players to understand, especially when it comes to the massive amount of mods that you can use to improve your weapons and Warframes.

In this guide, we will run through some essential mods that all players should be trying to get when they first start playing the game. Modding is an essential part of the game and is how players make their weapons and Warframe stronger. Without the correct mods, progress in the game will stall pretty hard.

Warframe Mods

ModWhat it doesSource
ConstitutionImproves knockdown recovery and ability durationNightmare missions
ContinuityIncrease ability durationDefense missions
FlowIncreases energy pool for abilitiesSurvival and Excavation missions
FortitudeIncreases resistance to knockdownsNightmare missions
IntensifyIncreases ability strengthDefense, Survival, Excvation
RedirectionIncrease maximum shieldsCetus Boutnies, Orokin Tower Containers
StreamlineIncrease ability efficiency (cost less energy to cast)Defense, Spy, Cetus Bounties
StretchIncreases ability rangeCapture, Defense, Survival, Spy
VigorIncreases health and shieldsNightmare missions
VitalityIncrease healthCapture, Defense, Interception

Aura Mods

ModWhat it doesSource
Energy SiphonIncreases power regeneration rate. Nightwave
Corrosive ProjectionReduces enemy armorNightwave
Steel ChargeIncreases melee damageNightwave
PhysiqueIncreases healthNightwave

Weapon Mods

ModWhat it doesSource
SerrationDamage increase for RiflesSurvival
Split ChamberMultishot for RiflesSurvival, Defense
Vital Sense Critical damage for RiflesSurvival Defense
Point StrikeCritical Chance for RiflesSpy, Defense, Cetus Bounty