The best moveset for Mega Aerodactyl in Pokémon Go

The best attacks for Mega Aerodactyl.

Image via Niantic

When it comes to picking out moves for your mega Pokémon, you want to focus on the standard version in Pokémon Go. However, the moves you use on your standard Pokémon transfer over to the mega evolution, so you want to make sure you have a suitable standard Aerodactyl before evolving it into Mega Aerodactyl. This guide will cover the best moveset for Mega Aerodactyl in Pokémon Go.

Mega Aerodactyl is a Flying and Rock-type Pokémon, similar to its standard form. It will be weak against Electric, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Water-type moves, but it is resistant against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ground, Normal, and Poison-type attacks. You won’t be able to use Mega Aerodactyl against other players, but you can use it to enhance your rewards while playing Pokémon Go, and you can use it in raid battles.

These are all of the moves Mega Aerodactyl can learn.

Fast moves

  • Bite (Dark-type) – 4 damage and 2 energy per turn (4 damage per turn) – 1 turn
  • Rock Throw (Rock-type) – 8 damage and 2.5 energy per turn (4 damage per turn) – 2 turns
  • Steel Wing (Steel-type) – 7 damage and 2.5 energy per turn (3.5 damage per turn – 2 turns

Charged moves

  • Anicent Power (Rock-type) – 45 damage and 45 energy (10 percent chance to increase user’s attack and defense by two ranks)
  • Earth Power (Ground-type) – 90 damage and 55 energy (10 percent chance to lower opponent’s defense by one rank)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal-type) – 150 damage and 80 energy
  • Iron Head (Steel-type) – 70 damage and 50 energy
  • Rock Slide (Rock-type) – 75 damage and 45 energy

When it comes to selecting your Mega Aerodactyl’s fast move, we highly recommend rock throw. It’s a Rock-type attack that will do additional damage because Mega Aerodactyl is a Rock-type, but it also provides the most energy while doing the most damage during an encounter.

We recommend rock slide and earth power for your charged moves on Mega Aerodactyl. These attacks can be used pretty frequently because of how little energy they need, and they do a large amount of damage. Earth power is seen as one of the better Ground-type charged moves for players to use in the game, especially given how little energy it needs.

Make sure to place all of these attacks on a standard Aerodactyl. You cannot have a Mega Aerodactyl in your collection, but you can have an Aerodactyl that evolves into one for a short time.

The best moveset to teach Mega Aerodactyl is the fast move rock throw and the charged moves rock slide.