The best PCI settings to use in MLB The Show 22

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MLB The Show 22

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If you are someone who uses Zone hitting in MLB The Show 22, you will want to have the best PCI, or Plate Coverage Indicator. This is essentially your hitting marker, showing where your swing is directed through the zone and will vary in size depending on the batter’s current skills and confidence levels. Here are our recommended PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22.

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As is the case with most settings in any game, the below are just our personal recommendations for what works for us with the PCI in MLB The Show 22. Be sure to play around with your settings and find what works best for your preferences.

  • PCI Anchor – On or Off, depending on if you like it or not
  • PCI Anchor Dots – On or Off, depending on if you like it or not
  • Plate Coverage Indicator – On
  • PCI Center – Altitude
  • PCI Inner – None or Fishbowl
  • PCI Outer – None
  • PCI Color – Whatever color stands out from the background most to you. We recommend yellow or blue
  • PCI Transparency – Depends on your familiarity. If you need to rely on seeing where your PCI is, go between 70 and 100%. If not, aim between 50 and 70%.
  • PCI Fadeout – None