The best skills to prioritize in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man, the newest blockbuster for the PlayStation 4, is full of skills to give players the chance to create their own ideal webslinger.

Skills are separated into three trees. “Innovator” focuses on new ways to disable foes in combat or leave them defenseless. “Defender” revolves around your dodging and Focus mechanics. While “Webslinger” gives you better movement and web options.

Most of the time, players will focus on a skill-tree that suits their own preferences, but it can be helpful at the start to invest into a few distinct abilities. Below we have listed which skills might give you the best leg up on the most sinister foes.

Pistol and Baton Yank (Innovator)

Small firearms and melee weapons are annoying, especially when fighting a large crowd of enemies. This skill is a no brainier, letting you disarm every grunt effortlessly by pressing the triangle button.

Rifle, Shield, and Launcher Yank (Innovator)

Similar to the Pistol and Baton Yank, this one removes more pesky distractions and weapons away from enemies. Shields alone require a lot of extra acrobatics, so the thought of removing them from an enemy entirely is pure bliss.

Perfect Hit (Defender)

Focus is important. It gives you the chance to heal or finish off enemies quickly. Having the option to gain bonus focus from timed hits (which this skill provides) is worth investing in.

Air Tricks (Webslinger)

While this skill isn’t ideal for combat situations, it is ideal for generating a bit more EXP. Air Tricks gives you the chance to perform aerial acrobatics mid-swing, which boost your focus in-between missions. It will gain you a slither of EXP with each successful trick pulled off.