The best skins for Newcastle in Apex Legends

A new character means new skins!

Image via EA

Apex Legends’ roster of playable characters is filled with colorful entries in the universe, with each one of them having their own crowd of supporters. Newcastle was added at the launch of Season 13: Saviors and is the latest defensive-minded legend. Here are his best skins.

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Best Newcastle skins in Apex Legends

Complex Rebirth

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Complex Rebirth puts Newcastle in new dark-themed armor with red and dark blue accents in it. Most skins in Apex Legends have a very particular future theme to them, but this one goes in a different direction.

Green Mosaic

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Green Mosaic gives Newcastle a gray and light green set of armor that looks like a bunch of steel and leather worked together to make an interesting costume.

Heroic Command

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Heroic Command is a skin that can only be purchased from the in-game store and comes included in the Newcastle Launch Bundle. This armor puts him in a costume that really feels fit for a Titanfall world.

Starbound Savior

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Starbound Savior is another version of Green Mosaic where instead of green and gray, this suit is outfitted with gold, brown, and red accents.

Valiant Defender

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Where Complex Rebirth has darker themes to it, Valiant Defender is the lighter side of that coin. Silver steel is met with blue paintwork to give Newcastle a knightly look to his appearance.