The best solo lane gods in Smite

What god should you use in the solo lane?

Image via Hi-Rez

The solo lane in Smite is where you will face off against a single opponent, and it’s your goal to outlast that person for the rest of the game. It’s the two of you duke it out, with the occasional gank from your jungle partner, or your middle lane partner, if you’re lucky. You want to use a god who has a decent amount of survivability, power and won’t require a full team to support them while leveling up. These are the best solo lane gods in Smite.


Artio is a solid choice for a guardian in the solo lane. She’s capable of healing herself and using multiple CC abilities during an engagement. In addition, she can swap out a more defensive build for damage pretty quickly, giving her a lot of flexibility that any team needs in a solo player.


Bellona is the tried-and-true choice in the solo lane. You can build her as a tanker warrior or as the fast-hitting damage dealer that leads the charge with the rest of the team. It’s all up to you how you want to build her, and the more you focus on your team’s needs, you’ll be able to utilize all of Bellona’s abilities during a fight.


Cabrakan is an aggressive choice for any role, especially in the solo lane. While he cannot heal himself, he has many defenses that make him a beneficial team member. For example, if you choose to go with blink on him, he can start a team fight and create important choke points that can wipe out an enemy team.


Cerberus is another hearty guardian that you can utilize in the solo lane. This good dog does have the ability to heal himself, giving him a good amount of sustainability. But if you utilize his attack stat enough, you’ll be able to cut through your opponent.


Cthulhu definitely prefers being in the solo lane to being in the duo lane. You’re going to find that he can do some massive hits against someone, leaning on both his abilities and his basic attacks. You’ll want to build something more of a hybrid series of options to make sure he has a powerful presence in the late game.

Cu Chulainn

Similar to Bellona, you can’t go wrong with Cu Chulainn. While he can’t heal himself, he usually doesn’t have to worry about that too much because he’s running through the enemy and forcing them to retreat to base. If you can use his passive early enough, you’ll be able to keep the enemy solo lane partner far enough back and away from you that you shouldn’t have troubles throughout most of the game.


Hercules is a solid choice who can utilize some serious crowd control abilities, and he can slap an enemy around in his lane. He’s even better during team fights, locking down specific opponents who are causing trouble and preventing them from performing a counterattack.

King Arthur

King Arthur was once the king of the solo lane, and while a few adjustments and nerfs have knocked his crown down, he’s still interested in being remembered as the king. He continues to be a solid constant, and with enough teammates rotating to his lane, he can dominate for most of the game.


Odin has been an interesting pick after going through multiple changes and buffs. While Odin is typically only good for specific teams and communication skills, he’s not to be dismissed as a poor solo lane, especially when he reaches the end game. Because of his anti-heal ultimate, it’s highly recommended you use him to counter any area-of-effect healers your team has to fight.


The final combatant on this list is Osiris. He’s an attack speed king in the solo lane, and while his ultimate is all about being on point with his targeting, it’s perfect for shutting down a healer for a few seconds and surge forward as a team. If you give him enough defenses, he’ll be able to lead the charge against the enemy team, similar to Bellona and Hercules.

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