The best songs in Friday Night Funkin’

Songs worth playing repeatedly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The current version of Friday Night Funkin’ has over a dozen songs to bob your head to, and while most of them are very good, a few of them are worth playing repeatedly in the game’s Free Play mode. Be sure to get your controls set up to your liking and then you can play and jam to the best songs in Friday Night Funkin’.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the few songs with true spoken dialogue, and it’s all in favor of showing you how to play the game. Though this song is slower and chill, its punchy pop sounds and bubble gum laced melody keep it fun, light, and fresh. It’s fun to revisit the period but especially when things get intense in later stages.


Screenshot by Gamepur

We love this cute little spooky guys and would do anything for them. Fortunately, we get to dance and jam with them while fighting for the character’s girlfriend. Spooky-sounding riffs drive the thunder-laced rhythm forward with a bouncy bass section and a mesmerizing back and forth between Boyfriend and his opponents.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Light notes dance back and forth atop a percussive section that drives the track full speed ahead. Also present are electronic-infused vocals that run between the notes that keep the song moving from start to finish.


Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s a battle of epic proportions between Boyfriend and his girlfriend’s menacing father, and the song definitely carries this energy. Fuzzy electronic vocals dash through quick melodic verses before the epic and slower chorus gives you and Boyfriend a chance to breathe. This track is a certified banger.

Winter Horrorland

Screenshot by Gamepur

Listen, we’re not afraid of a lot of things at Gamepur, but we are afraid of whatever Boyfriend is battling against in this track. Terrifying lyrics match up with an equally scary creature that’s singing about human skin and snowmen smiling with Boyfriend’s teeth against a bouncy melody. An electronic sounding organ, that can only be described as haunted, drives this song forward, which is hopefully far away from the monstrosity pictured above.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a funkin’ good time, and its songs can be enjoyed quickly in its Free Play mode after you’ve finished what’s currently available in its Story Mode. We’re looking forward to all the new tracks and features when the ‘Full Ass Version’ releases. Hearing the Kickstarter was successful was music to our ears.