The Division 2: Where to Loot Apparel Gear

For those who played the first Division game, they’ll remember how easy it was to get mountains of different apparel items for their Division agent to wear. These items didn’t do anything, except change the way their character looked. As of right now, it’s a bit more challenging to find these items. Previously, you had citizens walking up to your agent asking for food, water, or different things. These NPCs are now gone, and you have to go a little out of your way to find these appearance items.

Finding Apparel Items

Completing Side Missions

Side missions are a great way to gain experience and gear in The Division 2. Not only will you get standard equipment to make your Division agent stronger, but you’ll also have a chance to receive apparel items from the mission giver, or loot some of the enemies you face. If you want to go out of your way for these items, try to rack up as many side quests as you can, and complete them. Unfortunately, you won’t know the exact thing you’re going to get.

Loot From The Streets

The Division 2 Apparel Loot

Another way to find the apparel items is by exploring the streets of Washington D.C. There are plenty of small crates, suitcases, and numerous other types of boxes you can find left out on the streets. Go out of your way to locate these and pick them up. You won’t receive an apparel for every single one, but it’s a great way to up your chances, outside of doing side missions. Again, much like completing the missions, they’re all going to be random.

Purchase Them Using Premium Currency

The Division 2 Apparel Store

The final method of acquiring apparel items in The Division 2 is by purchasing them from Ubisoft’s in-game store. Here, you’re going to see numerous items on the display for you to freely purchase, but you’re going to need to buy Ubisoft’s premium currency. We created a guide for you to follow, so you know how to do that.

You have your choice to purchase single clothing items, or buying full-on outfits for your Division agent. Whichever you think looks the best. Remember, none of these clothing changes improve your character, except for their style in the middle of the Apocolypse.