The Division 2: What Are Backpack Trinkets And Where Can You Get Them

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In The Division 2, Division agents can find small trinkets they can attach to their backpacks. These items don’t do anything or offer any unique buff. The trinkets are merely cosmetic items the player can place on their bag, showing they’ve picked up the item or have done a specific task in the game. Some players may not know how to acquire these items, or even how to put their favorite one on. In this guide, we’re going to give you a few more details about these items and provide you an idea of where to find them in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Backpack Trinkets

The Backpack Apparel

You’re not going to see this in your character’s inventory, where you view your weapons and various gear items. Because the backpack trinkets do not affect your Division agent’s stats, the trinkets are not listed here. Instead, you’re going to find them on the apparel page. To locate this page, you want to open your character’s inventory page where you’re going to see your weapons and gear items. From there, go to the upper right of the screen and click the small jacket icon. Clicking this should take you to the apparel screen where you can adjust what items your Division agent is wearing.

You’ll find the backpack trinkets located right next to the Caches icon, on the bottom left. Click on this icon and see if you have any already waiting for you.

Locating the Trinkets in DC

These items are difficult to come back. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase them from using premium currency, or by opening up an apparel cache. Instead, you’re forced to search throughout Washington D.C for them, or by completing story missions. Not all of them are easy to find. You’ll have to spend some time hunting for them. However, we can help narrow down your search with this list.

  • Flag and Dog Tags: You can find this when you complete the Capitol Building Stronghold.
  • Gold Bar: You can find this during the Bank Headquarters story mission
  • Hockey Player: You can find this when you complete the District Union Stronghold.
  • Lincoln Bust: You can find this during the Lincoln Memorial story mission.
  • Plush Flowers: You can find this hidden in the Campus settlement.
  • Plush Hippo: You can find this on the Theater Settlement once you’ve achieved the Theater’s third level.
  • Space Shuttle: You can find this during the Air & Space Museum story mission.
  • Speaker’s Gavel: You receive this as a reward for completing the Bank Headquarters story mission.
  • Skeleton: You can find this during the DCD Headquarters story mission.

Not everyone is going to have access to all of the backpack trinkets, as the backpack trinkets listed below were given to those who preordered the game, participated in the beta, or are returning players from the first Division game.

  • American Flag: This was given as a reward to players who returned from the first Division game.
  • Capitol Building: This was given as a reward to players who participated in The Division 2 open beta.
  • Supply Crate: This was given as a reward to players who completed The Division 2’s open beta Dark Zone mission.
  • Teddy Bear: This was given as a reward to players as a preorder bonus.

This list could change in the future as The Division 2 brings in additional expansions later this year.