The Division 2: How To Level Up Quickly

In The Division 2, players want to get to the endgame and reach the maximum level as quickly as possible, which is level 30. Getting there is a massive grind as you’re taken all over Washington D.C. to pick up missions, side missions, and help the citizens restore order to their chaos-ridden streets because there’s so much available content, leveling up shouldn’t feel too difficult. However, there are a few excellent things to keep in mind if you want to make a beeline straight to the endgame content.

Quickest Way to Level Up in The Division 2


The Division 2 Experience Point Perks

There are a handful of perks designed to give you additional experience points while in combat. You’ll find these on the right side, the second from the top. You can receive extra experience points in combat for headshots, multiple kills, killing an enemy by hitting their weak spot, using the environment, and by not having died in a length of time. These are cheap perks, too, as they only cost a single SHD point each.

Grabbing these early in the game can ensure you’re going to obtain the maximum amount of experience points after each battle. However, they’re not passive. You have to go out of your way to receive these. So, when you unlock a new one, consider it an incentive to try taking out your enemies in unique ways.

Doing Story Missions At The Same Level

Story missions provide players with a massive experience boost. It would make sense to do these as quickly as possible, regardless of what level you are. However, it’s easy to forget to handle these when there are so many other side missions and projects for you to finish up. To ensure you get the most out of these missions, you need to do them when you’re at the appropriate level.

Forgetting to do story missions, or doing them when you’re a level or two ahead means you’re not going to receive benefit from the experience points. If you do a story mission at a higher level, you will gain the most experience points the mission offers. This perspective may lead you to believe you should do them earlier, but this only makes them far more difficult than they need to be. When you’re the same level as the story mission, everything’s straightforward, and you can tackle it pretty quickly.

Consistently Follow-up on Settlement Projects

The Division 2 Settlement Projects Experience Points

Settlements are a massive new mechanic you cannot afford to overlook while you’re leveling. It’s easy to let the settlement projects fade into the background because they ask you to wander around the city so much, but they’re an excellent source of going out to perform various tasks, and then receive a suitable reward. These missions do require you to donate pieces of equipment, so make sure you visit the project leader in your Settlement before going to the vendor to sell all of your gear or break it down.

Not only are the Settlement projects great sources of experience points, but you receive weapon crafting recipes to take back to the White House.

Capture Control Points and Engage in Random Activities

You’re going to see a handful of enemy control points scattered throughout each district in Washington D.C. Taking these locations provide you with a small number of experience points, including some excellent loot once you’ve taken the position. Along the way, you’re likely to run into a handful of random things popping off in the world, such as public executions or hearing enemy propaganda on a loudspeaker. It’s best to rush into these activities along the way. Plus, many of them are Settlement project objectives, so you’re taking out two birds with a single stone.

As long as you continue to run around the world in The Division 2, there’s no shortage of what’s available for you to do. Make sure you’re watching the recommended level of your next main story mission, though.