The 10 hardest bosses in Terraria

These are the hardest bosses you can fight in Terraria.

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The graphics of Terraria are pleasant and carefree, but the bosses featured in this game are the exact opposite. These foes are powerful, and you’ll find yourself consistently dying if you fight them without the correct equipment. You need to defeat multiple bosses to progress through the game, and they steadily become more complex. However, not all of them are required, giving you the chance to test your skills against them. These are 10 of the hardest bosses you can find in Terraria.

The hardest bosses in Terraria

Duke Fishron

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You can fight against Duke Fishron in Hardmode. Duke Fishron’s relenting Bleeding attacks can wreak havoc on unsuspecting combatants, and his ranged Detonating Bubbles make him difficult to run away from during the encounter. However, you don’t want to run too far away from him to potentially cause Duke Fishron to become enraged, doing twice as much damage. Instead, you’ll need to face Duke or fall.

Empress of Light

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Empress of Light is a challenging boss for you to tackle in Terraria. She’s available shortly after defeating Plantera, but you’ll want to hold off to earn more gear before accepting her challenge. She moves around quite quickly, making her difficult to pindown, and you’ll want to bring any time of ranged homing weapon to hit her consistently without missing too many attacks.


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The Golem is another Hardmode boss you can encounter during your Terraria adventure. Like Duke Fishron, if you lead this boss outside of its Underground Jungle domain, it becomes enraged and more difficult to battle. You’ll want to stick close to this area and beware of its flying fists as they chase after you, capable of going through walls. When it enters its second phase, its head detaches and becomes invincible, forcing you to focus entirely on its body to end the encounter. The Golem will stomp you if you don’t have buffs or potions.

Moon Lord

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The Hardmode boss, the Moon Lord, is the final boss in the game and is extremely difficult to put down. You’ll constantly be evading ranged attacks as it fires multiple projectiles at you and a devastating beam from its head. You’ll be running away from it for most of the fight, firing at it from a distance to whittle it down slowly. If you’re ever too far away from this boss, it will teleport to you to ensure you cannot escape. As a final boss for the game, it is a worthy battle to conclude your journey.


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Another Hardmode boss we have to highlight is Plantera. You’ll be battling against this enemy in the Underground Jungle, and once you’ve summoned it, Plantera will chase after you in this arena, firing multiple seeds at you. There’s a chance these seeds will be poisonous, dealing more damage to you because Plantera can move through walls. It’s easy for this boss to trap you if you don’t arrive in the fight prepared to move around the entire area.

Skeletron Prime

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Skeletron Prime is a more difficult version of Skeletron. It features multiple outstretching arms with deadly weapons attached to them, attempting to hunt you down. While you only have to worry about damaging the head, hitting it and avoiding the arms can prove challenging. The head will consistently remain far out of reach, with its arms attempting to block you throughout the encounter, forcing you to rely on precise ranged attacks to defeat it.

The Destroyer

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The Destroyer is similar to Skeletron Prime in that it is a modified, more complicated version of another boss, the Eater of Worlds. It’s a massive worm with several small drones protecting it that will be firing at you while you dodge and evade this boss. The drones can quickly overwhelm you if you’re not ready to run from them, but the drones will not consistently spawn each time you damage The Destroyer. Again, it’s a boss that can overwhelm you, and without proper planning, it could corner you during the fight.

The Lunatic Cultist

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The Lunatic Cultist is another demanding boss you’ll encounter in Hardmode. It’s another fast-moving enemy that can teleport around, firing massive fireballs, lightning bolts, and an icy mist in quick succession at you. You’ll need to zip around the arena to battle it, dodging multiple spells to survive this fight.

The Twins

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The Twins are a more powerful version of the Eye of Cthulhu boss encounter. They are two separate entities you’ll be battling against, each with a unique moveset. These are connected by a small tendril, making it easy to tell which one is ahead of the other, giving you a chance to chase away from them, focusing on one, and then switch to the other. You’ll want to bring a debuffing weapon with you against these two.

Wall of Flesh

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The final boss on our list is the Wall of Flesh, and it appears before you can go into Hardmode. You will need to focus on battling this creature’s eyes or mouth, as the other parts cannot be damaged. The Wall of Flesh moves in a straight line towards you, forcing you t run away throughout the entire encounter, and the multiple attacks from that direct make it difficult to dodge. It’s an ideal final boss before you unlock Hardmode.