The Lady of Grace – AC: Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough

After getting the invitation in the previous quest No Honor Amongst Thebes, The Lady of Grace is the second main quest. In this part, you will have to find Nefertiti’s temple, and use the artifact to summon her. She is the main boss (Level 48) in the quest.

The Lady of Grace Walkthrough

The Lady of Grace Main Quest Walkthrough

This one is a Level 46 quest, so you can start with it, the other one Aten Rising is Level 47. Depending on your current level playing Lady of Grace will continue the story of this DLC. Select it and on completion, you will earn 10000XP.

Reach the Auction Site:

The next marker is the auction site which is quite a far away from the current location. Once you reach near you will spot a few thugs in the area. Kill them first, and start your investigation. Go to the center area first and you will see a half-eaten apple. Next turn around and investigate the body on the ground. Go right near the boat and you will find the two more spots to investigate. This completes the investigation.

Find the captured Merchants:

The Lady of Grace Walkthrough

Take the boat and drive towards the next marker. You will reach Temple of Hatshepsut. A restricted area. Go near to the place and take down the guards. One is almost at the entrance, you can kill it with a bow. The other two are on the left of stairs. Use the eagle vision to mark them. Use the plants around to hide and slowly take down the guards. There will be a lot of guards here. You will find Irsu inside a prison inside the temple.

Find and get the relic from the thief:

The Lady of Grace Walkthrough

After talking to the merchant, head to the next marker. Once you are near, you will reach a cave go from the left side, you can crawl between the walls and enter. Once you reach the spot there will be a cutscene.

The Tomb of Nefertiti:

The Lady of Grace Walkthrough

To exit the tomb, take the door on the right, and push the stone to reach on the other side. Exit the place and head to the next marker. You will reach the tomb. Next, you will have to explore it. Keep going inside straight from the entrance. Scan the area for investigating doors around. There are also after-life passages that have bosses. Break the cracked walls if you are blocked, keep following the marker and you will reach a room with grave and a narrow passage that will lead you to another area. Kill the enemies ahead, you can kill them by throwing firebombs.

Am-Tuat & Temple in Aaru:

After killing them get stairs ahead that will lead you to Am-Tuat. Next head to the temple in Aaru and start investigating. There is a priest who is standing on the left side of the water, talk to him first. There is another one near the same place look for offering a place. The last one on the left as you cross the stairs. After talking to them head to the throne.

There are few side quest you can play before facing a boss this will help you to level up a bit. One among them is Cleansing Rite that will reward you 5000 XP a Level 44 quest you can complete easily. In this side quest find the holy spring, that is under a tree in the grass area. That’s it the quest is over. Near the shrine, you will see Stelae, read that and you get 750XP more.

The next one Something Rotten will give you 10,000 XP. A level 46 quest you can play after the above one. Just look for a ship on the left side, and you have to locate and burn the impure food. You will reach a ship with enemies on it. Use the bows and arrows to kill the enemies on it. After killing all climb the ship and this quest is also over.

One more you can play before the main quest Soured Libations. This one is a Level 46 quest that will reward you 5000XP. You have to destroy the jugs of tainted wine. Once you reach the spot you will see big wine pots. Enter the door behind it and read the Stelae and get 750XP. Next, take right from the door and go down, keep moving till the end, scan and you will get the jugs location. Break the wine bugs. Watch for the fire and cobras in the cave. To avoid getting killed by fire use the arrows. This completes the quest.

The Lady of Grace Walkthrough

Defeat Nefertiti:

One done you can head back to the temple for the final boss fight of the level. Return the relic to the Nefertiti’s throne. She is a Level 48 boss. Use a wide axe to attack. It will give you a good range and some powerful set of combos. You can then run away a bit to dodge her attack. Use some firebombs also if you get chance. It will take a pretty long time to bring her down, only combos are the best to destroy a big chunk of health. Dodge her attacks and when you have a chance attack with charged ones. Wait for your attack meter to get filled up and use chain attacks against her. That is the best and fastest way to bring her down. After killing her the main quest is over, you will also get a Venomous Grave Dual Sword.

The Lady of Grace WalkthroughThe Lady of Grace Walkthrough

There is a treasure in the temple a Carbon Crystal, getting that will reward you 2250 XP. There at two treasures if you are able to find you can easily level up to get to 47. The image above is the location of the treasure, from there you have to jump down and enter a passage, take right and go down at the end you will get the crystal.

You can read our walkthrough on the next main quest Aten Rising which is a Level 47 quest and it will reward you 8000XP or more updates on the game you can. After finishing The Lady Of Grace read our walkthrough on the next main quest Aten Rising or you can also read our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide.