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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Elixir Recipes

The Elixirs are useful items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and knowing all recipes makes it easy to craft them.

There are multiple items you can craft in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You’ll need to go out of your way to locate the many ingredients associated with them, but once you have those, you’re good to go. The next thing you need to know is the various recipes associated with crafting.

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One set of crafting recipes you’ll want to keep on hand are the various Elixirs you can make in Breath of the Wild. These will assist you in exploring some of the more dangerous locations in Hyrule Kingdom, and you’ll be able to keep this handy throughout your entire playthrough. This guide covers all Elixir recipes you can use in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Every Elixir Recipe To Get in Breath of the Wild

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There are 10 Elixir recipes that you can use while playing Breath of the Wild. These are recipes that you can readily craft, so long as you have the proper ingredients whenever you want to make them. How you go about crafting Elixirs is cooking monster parts.

You can do this at any cooking station you find while exploring the game, but it all comes down to the ingredients you’re using. The number of ingredients you use matters, and it’s important to remember this during the crafting process.

These are all of the Elixir recipes you can make in Breath of the Wild. We’ve also listed the various effects these Elixir give you when you use them.

Elixir NameElixir RecipeElixir EffectsElixir Duration
Chilly ElixirFour Cold Darner and a Moblin Horn
Four Winterwing Butterflies and a Moblin Horn
Drinking the Chilly Elixir increases Link’s resistance to heat.11:10 Minutes
Electro ElixirFour Electric Darner and Bokoblin HornUsing the Electro Elixir Increases Link’s resistance to electricity.11:10 Minutes
Energizing ElixirFour Restless Crickets and a Bokoblin HornDrinking the Energizing Elixir restores Link’s stamina.Heals One Stamina wheel
Fireproof ElixirFour Hot-Footed Frogs and a Bokoblin Horn
Two Fireproof Lizards and a Bokoblin Horn
Drink the Fireproof Elixir to prevent Link from catching on fire.First Recipe: 6:10 minutes
Second Recipe: 4:20 minutes
Hasty ElixirFour Hot-Footed Frogs and a Bokoblin Horn
Four Hightail Lizards and a Bokoblin Horn
When you drink the Hasty Elixir, it gives Link increased movement speed while running, climbing, and swimming.Both Recipes: 5:10 minutes
Heart ElixirFour Hearty Lizards and a Bokoblin HornDrink this Potion to fully restore Link’s health. Your maximum hearts are also increased, but they go away after you take damage.Lose Additional Health After Hit
Mighty ElixirFour Chuchu Jellies and a Bladed Rhino BeetleDrinking this power increases Link’s attack power.5:30 Minutes
Sneaky ElixirFour Sunset Fireflies and a Bokoblin FangYou can use this potion to increase Link’s stealth capabilities, making it harder to find him.9:50 Minutes
Spicy ElixirFour Warm Darners and a Bokoblin HornWhen you drink the Spicy Elixir, Link becomes more resistant to cold weather.11:10 Minutes
Tough ElixirA Rugged Rhino Beetle and Bokoblin GutsYou can drink the Tough Elixir for a temporary boost to Link’s defenses.4:00 Minutes

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