The Outer Worlds – How To Get The Fallbrook Domicile Key


Even the most fearsome space adventurer needs a place to rest their head. If you are enjoying The Outer Worlds so much that you want to set down some roots, you can get your own home. While you do have the Unreliable, your ship, you can also get a lovely house in Fallbrook, on Monarch. But you will need the Fallbrook Domicile Key.

The Outer Worlds – How To Get The Fallbrook Domicile Key

Catherine Malin

To get your own house in Fallbrook, you need to play through the campaign until you can get to Monarch. Add Nyoka to your party by meeting her in the bar at Stellar Bay, and finding something to cure her hangover. Then you will be on your way, exploring Monarch, in search of information. On your travels, you will pass a settlement called Fallbrook, so head inside.

Fallbrook Map

You will find Catherine Malin at her bar, about halfway down the one street the settlement starts at. Head in to talk to her and tell her you want a room. She rents them typically out for the night but feels you are worth keeping around, so offers to let you have it permanently. The price seems to vary, so if you are happy to pay it, you can get the Fallbrook Domicile Key, then head down the street to your new home.

Inside you will find a workbench and some storage. The real advantage to this house will be for people who are playing on Supernova difficult, as it will provide a safe place on a dangerous planet, without needing to hike back to your ship.

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