The Outer Worlds: What is the Max Level Cap?


The Outer Worlds is a traditional RPG experience many would expect if they were open up a game like Fallout. Obsidian Entertainment captured the spirit of the game series and added several of their unique twists to it. They have plenty of experience thanks to previous titles like Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Because it’s a roleplaying game, players want to know how many levels they have to go for their character to get maxed out.

What is the Max Level Cap for The Outer Worlds

Whenever players gain a level, they’re going to get access to 10 points to put into their skills, and every so often, they gain access to a perk in the game. The skills are going to define how a character gets played. For example, these are going to determine what weapons they like to use from the melee choices or the more massive guns. These are also going to pigeon hole if a character can talk their way out of a situation. These are extremely important, and keeping an eye on them is critical.

Because these skill points get tied to a character’s level, it’s essential to know how many are available. Right now, the max level in The Outer Worlds is 30. When players reach level 30, they’re not going to get anymore, and they’re going to find their character has become the pinnacle of their ideal playstyle.

However, if any of the skills or perks turn out to be duds or a player wants to do something different, they can always respec and start from scratch. To do this, we created a handy guide to make this information readily available to you. The short answer to that question is you’re going to need to use a Vocational Competence Respectification Machine. You can find them throughout the game, but you also have one located on your ship. There’s no real reason to go out of your way to find one if you’re roaming around the galaxy with it already. It does cost 500 bits to do so.

Now that you know the level cap in The Outer Worlds, make sure you’re keeping an eye on those skill points and the perks you pick you. You won’t be able to fill them all out or grab everything. Make sure you know what you like, but if you mess up, feel free to start over and try again.