The Outer Worlds Perks Guide – Different Tiers and What They Do


What kind of character do you want to play in The Outer Worlds? A lot of choices you’re going to make in the game determine your playstyle. You’re not limited to talking to other characters, but to the perks, skills, and attributes your character is going to define how you play them. Perks are passive buffs that are going to change the different qualities of your character while you play. Here are all of the perks available in the game and what they do.

The Outer Worlds Perks Guide

The perks come in different tiers. These different tiers determine the quality of the perk of what you’re going to use in the game. Of three tiers available, the first series is going to help you out in the beginning, and you can easily access them when you’re playing. The third tier, on the other hand, requires you to unlock at least ten lower-tiered perks before picking any of those.

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Here are the variety of different perks you can choose from in the game:

Tier One Perks

  • All for One: When your character’s companions kill someone, they get 50 percent more experience points
  • A Few Bits More: All vendors have 100 percent more ammo and consumables stocked for you to purchase
  • Cheetah: Your character’s sprint speed goes up by 20 percent
  • High Maintenance: Your character’s weapon and armor durability loss goes down by 20 percent
  • Lone Wolf: When you’re the only in a party and you have no companions, you do 25 percent more damage
  • Quick and the Dead: Your tactical time dilation gets an increased recharge of 50 percent
  • Resilient: Your character’s base armor rating goes up by 10
  • Strider: Your character’s walk speed is increased by 25 percent
  • Slow the World: You have increased tactical time dilation by 25 percent
  • The Negotiator: Your vendor surcharges get reduced by 25 percent
  • The Traveler: Your character can fast travel even while encumbered
  • Toughness: Your base health receives a 50 percent increase

Tier Two Perks

  • Harvester: Every time your character gets a kill they receive 15 percent of their health back
  • Hoarder: Your character’s consumable weight is reduced by 50 percent
  • Pack of Pack Mules: Your character’s companions gain 40kg of more carry capacity on their body
  • Rolling Thunder: Every time your character gets a kill, their companion’s ability cooldown gets reduced by 20 percent
  • Run and Gun: The movement penalty your character gets while moving gets reduced by 65 percent
  • Scanner: Your character receives a 20 percent increase to bonus damage when landing a headshot or hitting a weak spot
  • Snake Oil Salesman: The vendor’s buying price goes up by 20 percent
  • Soliloquy: Your character’s dialog skills go up by 10
  • Speed Demon: Your character’s movement speed while in Tactical Time Dilation gets increased by 25 percent
  • Tag Team: When one of your character’s companions use an ability, there’s a 25 percent chance to reset the other companion your party’s ability
  • The Collector: Your character’s interactable highlight range increases by five meters
  • The Reaper: Your Tactical Time Dilation increases by 25 percent
  • We Band of Brothers: When your character lands a critical hit, there’s a 25 percent of resetting a companion’s ability
  • Weird Science: When your character uses science weapons, they do 25 percent more damage with them

Tier Three Perks

  • Armor Master: Your character’s armor rating goes up by 100 percent and any skill bonuses they get from armor also goes up by 100 percent
  • Boom, Headshot!: When your character lands a headshot kill, the enemies around it within 2.5 meters take 25 percent of the damage dealt.
  • Confidence: Your character’s next kill is a guaranteed Critical Hit.
  • Don’t Go Dyin’ On Me!: Any revived player comes back with 25 percent of their health.
  • Last Stand: When your character is under 25 percent of their health, they’re going to deal 30 percent more damage.
  • Penetrating Shots: Your character’s ranged attacks reduced the enemy’s armor by one point for every shot they take.
  • Revenge: When your character has any harmful effects, they deal increased damage to enemies.
  • Steady Hand: When your character kills an enemy, their ranged weapon sway goes away, along with any movement penalty to accuracy.
  • Super pack Mule: Your character can carry 100kg of extra weight.
  • Solo Sneaker: When your character is in a party, their detection rate goes down by 33 percent.
  • Tactical Master: During Tactical Time Dilation, your character has their regular movement speed for the first five seconds.
  • Thick Skin: Your character receives lower area of effect damage and plasma damage by 15 percent
  • Tit for Tat: When your character kills with a melee weapon, they gain 15 percent of their health back
  • Wild Science: Your character deals 50 percent more science weapon damage.

Those are all of the perks in the game at this time. We’re likely going to see additional perks get added to the game when more pieces of content come out. There are plenty of choices for players to choose from, giving them the option to lean into a lone-wolf building, or make their character the ideal party leader to lead a small armor.

The Outer Worlds releases for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the PC through the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store on Oct 25.