The Outer Worlds: Well Dressed Achievement Guide – How To Wear ‘A Nice Hat’ and “Chimaera’ at The Same Time


The Outer Worlds is full of exciting turns and things for players to do. There’s a lot to explore in Obsidian Entertainment’s brand new RPG, which means they’ve filled it up with a lot of challenges. These challenges are going to vary from quests to test a character’s resolve, how well they read a situation, sneak through it without firing a shot, and how well they can gather up useful supplies. An achievement the developers created requires players to wear a nice hat and a chimaera at the same time called, The Well Dressed Achievement. Here’s what you need to do.

The Outer Worlds – The Well Dressed Achievement Guide

The complete this task, you’re going to need to grab two pieces of clothing designated as the “nice hat” and the “Chimaera.” You’re going to have the chance to find these of these items throughout the world while you’re exploring The Outer Worlds, so if you’re not willing to do side quests or veer away from the main questline, you may want to think about completing this quest.

You can find the Nice Hat in the Stellar Bar location on Monarch. You need to go to the southern ruins and locate the ruined church. When you get there, go inside the establishment to look around. You need to go to the back area and discover a skeleton. The skeleton is going to have the hat on their heads, which you can grab. Hold on to this item and keep it in your inventory.

The next piece of clothing requires you to do a side quest for Byzantium. To make it a bit easier, make sure you bring Parvati as your companion during this quest. If you don’t, you’re not going to get an exact location for the item. Any other companion will not bring up the highlight, making your life a bit more complicated. However, if you don’t, the location you’re looking for is in the southwest are of the Prosperity Plaza. It’s called Jolicoeru’s Haberdasher.

The individual inside of the building has you model several outfits for her. You need to acquire them in the world. They are the Iconolast, Marauder, and Spacer outfits. Here’s where you can find them:

  • Iconoclast: You can choose to kill Iconoclast wandering around on Monarch
  • Marauder: You can pick up this armor from enemies on Monarch or Terra 2, which is easier for you
  • Spacer: You’re going to need Sublight Salvage armor. You can get it from a vendor wandering around in the Sublight Town in Fallbrook

After showing off all three of the acquired items, you need to go out and capture some useful materials for her. Here they are:

  • Mantiqueen Chitin: You can find this on enemies near the Sulfer Pools on Monarch
  • Primal Leather: You can pick these up from Primals on Scylla or Terra 2. Both areas are going to have enemy spawns
  • Raptidon Flank Hide: You can find this on enemies near the Sulfer Pools on Monarch

After turning these three items, the individual inside of the store is going to ask you to go out and finish up delivery for her. Unlike the other steps of the quest, you’re going to have a direct line of steps to follow to complete each one. These markers should make your life significantly easier. Complete the delivery and return to her to the discovery she’s been killed. While it’s tragic, you can still search her body, and you’re going to find a key to her office. Head into it, and locate the hat.

When you place both of the items on yourself, you’re going to receive the achievement. It’s going to happen immediately, so you can put the things away once you’re finished.

That’s all you need to know about the quest. Luckily, there’s not too much else there is to it, and you should be able to have the chance to explore the rest of The Outer Worlds.