The seven fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7

Feel the need for speed in Gran Turismo 7.

Image via PlayStation Studios

Gran Turismo 7 has roared back onto the racing scene in a major way. The game brings back elements that made the franchise what it was from the original PlayStation days. GT7 also features a classic array of cars you come to expect from the ultimate driving simulator. It also includes several concept cars, and these are usually the fastest cars available in the game. Here are the seven fastest cars according to horsepower.

#7 Ferrari FXX K ’14

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ferrari had to be on this list. Coming in with 1,034 horsepower, this is the flagship of the Ferrari line-up. Unlike some of these other cars listed below, it balances speed, handles, and cornering well.

#6 Porsche VGT

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Porsche is a few VGT concept cars featured in Gran Turismo 7. It has a futuristic look that screams aerodynamic. It comes in at 1,098, which is slightly above the FXX ’14.

#5 McClaren VGT

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yet another VGT concept is featured on this list. This racing concept comes in at 1,134 horsepower and handles quite nicely for a car with such speed. This is the last car on his list that can handle reasonably well, as the top four cars start to become a tad unwieldy for tough tracks.

#4 Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT

Screenshot by Gamepur

The SRT Tomahawk is one of two American cars on this list, both of which are from Dodge. The Tomahawk comes in with 1,449 horsepower, which is a decent bump over the previous entries. It doesn’t have quite the power its big brother possesses, but it is fast enough to exert more than a couple of g-forces if you hit top speed.

#3 Bugatti VGT

Screenshot by Gamepur

The 1,626 HP engine in the Bugatti resembles more jet fighters than sports cars. The Bugatti has held the top speed crown for several years. That crown has faded as of late, but the Bugatti VGT is fast enough to still threaten for the top spot on any race track.

#2 Jaguar VGT SV

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jaguar VGT SV is the penultimate speedster in Gran Turismo 7. At a whopping 1,876 horsepower, it is an absolute tour de force on the track. It isn’t easy to handle by any stretch but doesn’t need to be when you can drive this fast.

#1 Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT

Screenshot by Gamepur

This spaceship, also known as the SRT Tomahawk X VGT, is as fast as the name implies. Coming in at a whopping 2,586 horsepower, this “car” will come close to breaking the sound barrier. This concept car is almost impossible to handle, so throw on a track with a long straight away and aim for the sky.