The Surge 2 – How To Cut Off Limbs And Get New Weapons And Gear

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In The Surge 2, getting new Gear, Weapons and Implants is vital to being able to make it through to the end of the game. They make you stronger, faster, and better equipped to take on the various monsters you are fighting throughout the game.

The Surge 2 uses a combat system that allows you to directly harvest these important items from enemies that you are fighting. You are consistently able to choose what type of item you want to get.

How To Cut Off Limbs

Cut Off Limbs

The first thing you need to do when engaging an enemy is to target lock them. To do this, push down on the right thumbstick. Then, select the body part you wish to harvest. Move the right thumbstick to cycle through the body parts until you get to the one you want to cut off.

Attacking the enemy damages them and builds up your battery power. You need to have a full segment of battery to cut off a limb. When the enemy’s health is low enough, and you have a whole battery bar segment, hit the prompted button on-screen to cut off the limb.

Finally, make sure you pick up the item drop by interacting with it. Harvesting parts from enemies is incredibly essential, and if you can, you want to be sure that you are harvesting something from each fight. Not only will it get you new weapons, armor, and implants, but if you collect duplicates, you get ranked upgrade resources that are the same level as the enemy you are fighting. These are used to upgrade the weapons, armor, and implants for your build.