Total War Three Kingdoms How To Acquire New Weapons and Armor for Generals


In Total War Three Kingdoms, you want to spend a significant amount of time ensuring your generals are as equipped as your army is before entering a battle. To do this, you need to spend time in your general’s character sheet. You’ll want to understand how the numerous different kind of attributes work, but you also need to make sure their equipment is useful to them and provides them valuable bonuses. We’re going share how to acquire new weapons and armor for your generals to wear.

Total War Three Kingdoms New Weapons and Armor

Acquiring Useful Equipment Enemy Factions

The straightforward way to gain new weapons, armor, and followers for your generals to improve themselves is by taking down enemy generals. You’re going to find doing battle with these equally powerful opponents is going to be a challenge. After you’ve defeated them and their army, you have the chance to equip the weapon or armor they were wearing to use it for your advantage. It’s a great way to support your generals who need help in combat commanding their legions or leading a cavalry charge.

Equipping Those Items

To get those items on your chosen general, you need to open up that character’s sheet. To do so, click on your elected general, and then right-click their picture in the army screen. You’re going to pull their character that breaks down a bunch of helpful information. On the left side, you’re going to see several different slots, and many of them already have items there. Next to each one you should see a small number next to the title of the slot. This number indicates how many different items you have available to you, although some of them are only useable by individual units, such as your legendary generals.

When you open up the weapon and armor screens, you’ll have to hover over any new pieces of equipment you have to learn how they benefit your general. For example, some weapons available to your chosen general may increase their damage in combat, but lower their attack speed, and vice verse. You’ll want to choose your weapon, and armor, based on how you wish that general to act in combat. When you pick an item you like, click the equipment’s art, and then click the “equip” button underneath it.

Each piece of equipment comes with several passives increasing the general’s attributes. These are important to remember, as some generals are naturally better at specific, and increasing those numbers could make them even better.