Total War Three Kingdoms Pre-order Guide | Pre-order Bonus and Edition Details

 Total War Three Kingdoms Pre-order Guide | Pre-order Bonus and Edition Details

At the end of the week, Total War Three Kingdoms is going to release for the PC on May 23. The next installment in the award-winning Total War franchise sets itself from the others as it places a unique focus on the characters you’re going to control as your generals. If you haven’t already, you have the option to pre-order this phenomenal Total War title, and gain access to bonuses for doing so, based on what version you choose. There are several to pick from, and we’re going to break down all the options, along with where to order them.

Total War Three Kingdoms Pre-order Guide

Total War Yellow Turban Rebellion

Those who choose to pre-order the Total War game before it releases on May 23, or who purchase it within a week of the game’s release, are going to have access to Warlord Pack called the Yellow Turban Rebellion. The armies in this unique pack are going to be bandits, raiders, and those looking to cause trouble in China. The Warlords pack adds He Yi, Gong Du, and Huang Shao, as playable faction leaders.

You can pre-order the game on its Steam page, here.

Total War Collector’s Edition

For those who have always been a Total War fan, this version welcomes the game’s newest venture into China by relying on the country’s rich artistic history. The box itself is a minimalist chest with a premium red and gold leaf Three Kingdoms Chinese stamp showing its authenticity. Additionally, inside of the chest, you’re going to find a 24cm statue of the legendary Chinese hero, Guan Yu, an exclusive art book covering the diverse landscapes in the game, a double-sided poster with one side showing the game’s map, and the shows off the numerous Warlords players can choose. Anyone who orders this also has access to the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

These are going to be made in a limited number. For those who are interested in purchasing this version, you’ll have to order yours quickly to ensure you get access to it. You can buy it here for $159.99.

Total War Limited Edition

If anyone cannot purchase the Total War Collector’s Edition from Sega’s store on the link above, don’t worry. Select retailers around the world are going to have access to it, and you can reach out to them to learn more information. The countries in the list include Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, or New Zealand.

If you’re in one of those mentioned countries and you cannot have the Total War Collector’s edition shipping to you, go to this link. You’ll be able to learn what retailers you can reach out to get to the Collector’s edition to you, and you can start playing the game when it releases on May 23.