Tips for earning money in Hokko Life

Optimize your earnings so you can fill your house with stuff.


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Hokko Life is a life management simulator, and as such, you need to bring in money to spend on all the furniture that the local shop has in stock every few days. However, there’s nothing obvious that you can do to earn loads of money. It’s challenging to build up any savings for that one item you desire. This guide covers a few tips for the best way to earn money in Hokko Life, so you can buy whatever you want.

Most of the methods for earning money involve selling items to the shop. In the game’s current state, the shop has a seemingly infinite amount of money, so you can repeat the methods below as much as you want without fear of running the shop owner out of business.

Follow the story

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The story in Hokko Life is simple, but it’s also important. You’ll discover new mechanics as you play and meet all the villagers you could want. Of course, you’ll have to help the village out in the process by performing a few important tasks. These tasks are lucrative, awarding a little cash as you complete each one. If you’re new to the game, follow the story before complaining about your lack of funds because you get a lot from completing these relatively simple objectives.

Craft benches or sofas

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Making benches might not seem like a worthwhile use of your time, but it is if you’re building them for a profit. As long as you have a blueprint, all you need is a single plank, which you can craft at a Workbench from three logs. Once you’ve crafted that plank, you can make a bench. You’ll do this as part of the story early on in the game, but you wouldn’t think to do it again.

If you build more benches, you can take them to the shop and sell them for 200 coins each. The actual resources required are time because you can get logs by chopping up wood or trees. After that, all you’re doing is crafting and heading to the shop to sell what you’ve made.

Sofas will net you the same amount of money, and they cost you ten pieces of wood. Keep gathering wood from logs when you see them on the ground, and you should build up a decent supply to help you when crafting later on.

Get into lepidopterology

Lepidopterology is the scientific study of moths and butterflies. You’ll find an abundance of butterflies in the world of Hokko Life, and they can be precious. Save up some money and purchase the bug net tool from the shop. Once you have it, you can collect as many butterflies as you want from around the village. You can then sell these butterflies at the shop for a tidy profit. Some are worth more than others, but all should be sold unless you want to keep them for yourself.

Steal some furniture

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Hokko Life is in early access, so there are a few bugs and unintentional glitches that you can exploit. One of those is furniture, which can be picked up and moved from anywhere in the village. What you might not have realized is that you can put all of that furniture in your backpack and then sell it at the shop. It might not be a great method morally, but it’s a quick and easy way to earn some cash.

This glitch also seems to work with signposts and lamposts, and they respawn for you to sell again. However, this bug will likely be patched out before anything else, so don’t be too surprised if you can’t do this anymore.