Top 10 Minecraft Dog Mods That Pair Perfectly With Armadillos Update

Minecraft mods have lots of options for your dogs!

With the addition of a new mob, comes new strategies and priorities in the game. No matter how you play, the addition of an Armadillo impacts pretty much everyone, whether you own a dog or not.

However, if you are a dog fanatic and must have one on every run, we have a list of awesome mods for you that helps improve the way dogs work in Minecraft. From improving the base aspects of the dogs, to giving you more options on their customization, here are just a few choices for mods that go well with the Armadillo update in Minecraft.

10. DogMod

Image via DogMod

DogMod is a Minecraft mod that adds more dogs to the mix. This one is a tad more cartoony than the other mods out there that add different dogs, having more cartoonish proportions to the dogs, as well as designs that lend themselves to the colorful rather than the realistic. There are breeds to choose from, to a certain extent, while other dogs that are available via DogMod are just cartoon dogs that are designed to be fun-looking. DogPack adds over 20 dogs to the world, bones to offer them, new achievements based on the new mobs, and recipes so that you can be self-sufficient in your doggy adventures.

9. Dogpack

Image via Dogpack

This mod, Dogpack, was created for personal reasons before being uploaded to Forge. However, that doesn’t stop the slightly eccentric mod from being a good enough hit to make the list. This mod pack includes a dog breed not in the base game: the Shih Tzu. This dog doesn’t behave like a normal dog but instead can be ridden like a horse.

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8. Friends Forever

Image via Friends Forever

If you’ve ever wanted to add just a tad bit of reverence to your dog characters in Minecraft, there’s a way to pay homage to them even if they die. The Friends Forever mod gives you elaborate options concerning your furry friend after they pass on, with items like the Soul Glass to help see your companion even after they are gone. When a dog passes on, you can still see the spectral version of them beyond the grave, although you won’t hear their footfalls or barks in that state, and they won’t be attacking anything in the corporeal realm.

7. Borzoi Dogs

Image via Borzoi Dog

If you’re a big fan of the Borzoi breed, this mod is a great one to shake up your dog companion for a Minecraft session. It turns all dogs into the Borzoi, long snout, and all. The edited version of these dogs functions just like normal dogs do, being tamed in the same manner and having the same mannerisms when it comes to attacking and staying. If you want this mod to work, you’ll need to download GeckoLib.

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6. Doggo Mod

Image via Doggo Mod

If you like your dog’s appearance just the way it is but would love a little extra flavor with your default dog, then the Doggo Mod is sure to scratch that itch. It doesn’t change the dog’s appearance in any way but instead adds behaviors to the dog to make it feel less robotic. You also get tennis balls to throw and play fetch with, as well as feeding dogs with a food bowl instead of simply giving the meat to them.

5. More Dogs

Image via More Dogs

If you’ve always wanted to play with dog breeds of different shapes and sizes, the More Dogs mod is a perfect pick if you can download just one from this list. This mod gives you more choices in the dog breeds you take with you for your adventures in Minecraft. It adds much more than just breeds, with each breed being found in different biomes from others. Dog breeds you can discover and tame include the Great Dane, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Yorkshire, Sheepdog, Fox Terrier, Boxer, Tibetan Mastiff, Basset Hound, Bulldog, and the Bernese Mountian Dog.

4. Lizard Doggo

Image via Lizard Doggo

If you’re not a fan of dogs, there’s an alternative that can introduce a scaley friend into the mix with the same habits. Lizard Doggo is a simple mod that turns all Wolves into Lizards, giving the new Lizard all the traits the Wolves once had. The Lizard looks great, with multiple variations available, from skeletal to brown, to green, to one that looks just like Godzilla.

3. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Image bia Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This mod is a relatively simple one that allows dogs to get some good rest finally. Dogs, when you tell them to stay, usually just sit down. This mod makes it so that the dogs lie down in various positions. There are also varying colors with the collars you can get when you finally tame your dog.

2. Doggy Talents

Image via Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents is a dog mod that adds various skills, tricks, and other conveniences that can improve your game if you always have a dog companion following you around. The AI for the wolf is upgraded so that it attacks smarter and prevents its own death. You can also track your dogs by the collar that they wear so that they never truly go missing. Dogs have their own leveling system so that you can grow alongside your companion as they get better and better at fighting mobs. Other features include the ability to customize the nicknames, appearance, and skills that a dog can possess.

1. Better Dogs

Image via Better Dogs

Better Dogs is an in-depth dog mod that introduces tons of different breeds to the world of Minecraft. Each model is quite detailed, more than just a simple reskin, each breed with their own unique models that have different proportions. In order to get this mod, you’ll need the Doggy Talents one as well, which this one builds off of. This mod comes equipped with everything from cute corgis to wolves to basset hounds and daschounds. With all the improvements of Doggy Talents and the robust visual features of Better Dogs, this mod is the top one on the list for both utility and aesthetics.