10 Best unlockables in the Modern Warfare Season Six Battle Pass

A legendary last Battle Pass.

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As Season Six is the last season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the accompanied Battle Pass goes all out. Yes, Season Five’s pass was impressive with its large character skins and deadly pet ravens, but this time around fans will see the introduction of in-game music, as well as some of the best gun skins to date. There’s surely a lot, but here are the 10 you’ll mainly want to level up for.

10. Anqa Crossbow Blueprint

At level 55, those with or without the Battle Pass will have access to the Anqa Crossbow Blueprint. The Legendary print joins only three others compatible with the Crossbow, but brings its own personality. The tundra white color, with its FTAC Backburn 20″ Bolts, make this an excellent stealth tool on any wintery map.

9. Manzanilla AR Blueprint

This blueprint is something of a workaround for those who’ve had trouble obtaining a gold skin on an AR. Its gold and black exterior is a nice touch, but the skin also includes the Colossus Suppressor for those who haven’t unlocked it yet. Exclusive to Battle pass owners, this can be claimed after reaching level 45.

8. Edward Finisher

The Nevermore Finisher has only been around for one season and is already getting its own spin-off. The man-eating Raven that we thought couldn’t get any more menacing does. The Edward Finisher subs out the raven for a vicious eye-hungry bat – just in time for Halloween. This spooky finishing move unlocks at level 18.

7. Trivor SMG Blueprint

What does it mean when a ridiculously gorgeous Blueprint like this is only in our seventh spot? You’ve got yourself a very solid Battle Pass. However, you will have to get to level 95 to nab this golden hardware. It’s likely worth the grind with it being better than the original gold skin. 

6. Darkwood SP-R 208 Blueprint

Obviously players have a new marksmen rifle we’ll get to soon, but this Blueprint will definitely be something you need alongside it. After you get the weapon, what you can is hold off on using it until you reach level 85 – when you unlock the Darkwood. This blueprint dramatically boosts range and accuracy, making this a must-have in Warzone.

5. Farah Skin – Halmasti

Simply for owning the Battle Pass, users can finally get their hands on Farah – a familiar face from the campaign. The skin, named Halmasti, is a welcomed addition, but there are two other variants you can unlock. Per usual, you will have to complete challenges to do so, though, they are tedious at best and the skins don’t differ much from her original design.

4. Wartrack Packs

For the first time ever, those in Warzone can turn on some pretty epic music when blazing through Verdansk, thanks to Wartrack Packs. There are four different packs in the pass, each having three songs. Two packs deal with former installments’ soundtracks, as the other two are centered around heavy-hitter EDM and hip-hop tracks. The Hip-Hop Edition, including Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin,” can be obtained for free at level 28.

3. SP-R 208 – new weapon

At only level 15, all players can secure the newest marksman rifle, the SP-R 208. It is reminiscent of the Kar98k, but with a higher chance of one-hit kills. The reload time will likely be considered painful, but as long as you can aim for the head, this should be given a try.

2. Malphas AS VAL Blueprint

The Malphas is a strange one that needs a warning label on it before use. Even though the AS VAL is a speedy AR, this devilish blueprint transforms it into a marksmen rifle. Of course, you can always remove the attachments, but it is worth noting before someone gets the wrong impression about the AS VAL. Like all other blueprints unlocked at level 100, this also includes dark Tracers for a little extra style.

1. AS VAL – new weapon

When you unlock it, use it. The new AS VAL assault rifle features a built-in suppressor and has the fire rate of an SMG. As noted above, the gun can really be anything you want it to be – ultimately due to its absurd amount of attachment choices. It probably won’t be remembered as the best gun, but as Modern Warfare’s popularity fades, using this should be on your to-do list before going into Black Ops Cold War.