Top 10 Games Like Final Fantasy 14

If Final Fantasy 14 players love an MMO with great plot, characters, gameplay, and community, then these are the games for them.

Top games like ff14

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Final Fantasy, a last-ditch effort to save the then-failing Square Enix, has evolved, adapting to the rise of different genres of games. With the creation of Final Fantasy 14, the franchise broke into the MMO genre, bridging the gap between long-time fans and MMO players.

Final Fantasy 14 places gamers in the world of Eorzea five years after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, which ended the original FF14 after its initial flop. Here players can follow a rich story while interacting with each other and the world in traditional MMO style. For players who have enjoyed this unique experience in the franchise, here’s our list of the top games like Final Fantasy 14.

Top 10 Games Similar to Final Fantasy 14

10. New World

new world
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New World, on top of having a strong story for players to follow, contains elements of a sandbox game. Players can construct settlements to defend against The Corrupt or other players. Players a limited to humans as the only race to play, but it does give characters the ability to manipulate skills and attributes that provide a wide variety of character builds.

9. Lost Ark

lost ark
Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is an action-pact MMORPG that has excellent exploration, plot, and attack sequences that will mesmerize all who give the game a shot. This Korean game is newer to Western audiences which means much more content to come as the original Korean version is much farther ahead and is continually updating. There is no end to things for players to do, and every minute is as enjoyable as the last.

8. Eve Online

Eve online
Image via CCP Games

If you want to combine the traumas of the real world, a complex gaming system, and an old persevering MMO, then Eve Online is the game for you. Players can explore the universe in this Sci-Fi sandbox game. But be careful as betrayal is as common as breathing, and the only way to truly learn how to play the game is by trial and error.

7. RuneScape

Image via Jage X

RuneScape the one of the MMO elders of the genre, filled with every classic fantasy element you can think of. It does take full ownership of those good old polygon figures. It is still continually updating, giving both veterans and new players plenty to do. The game gives players the flexibility to play however they want, whether it be a more intense and serious game or something much more relaxing to escape from the real world for a moment.

6. Destiny 2

destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 shines as a Sci-Fi MMO. It has a creative story rich with depth and characters that quickly steel the hearts of players. Once getting through the beginning of the game, players have the ability to explore the universe, complete quests and uncover the secrets hidden in every world. This MMO is constantly updating and providing new content for its fans and more lore those story-driven players to cry over.

5. Lord of the Rings Online

lord of the rings online
Image via Standing Stone Games

No Tolkien fan ever wants to leave Middle-earth, and with this MMO, they don’t have to. With the ability to play as any of the famous Tolkien races, including the Orcs if you desire, and a character creation that has bountiful ways to customize your character, this old MMO is the ideal game for franchise fans. It has been updating new content since its launch in 2007 and now offers a free-to-play version.

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

star wars the old republic
Image via Bioware

Because, of course, there is a Star Wars MMO. It’s a universe with vast possibilities that has space wizards with laser swords. This game offers everything a Star Wars fan could want: rich stories filled with political intrigue, character creation with multiple types of backgrounds, and endless exploration as the game continues to update. This game is made by Bioware, which is known for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. So, for all those romance-loving gamers, there is that here, too.

3. Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2
Image via ArenaNet

Guild Wars is everything a player would expect from an MMO, and at the same time, it’s not. It has all the classics that make it comparable to World of Warcraft, and yet it has its own quirks that set it apart from the rest. It contains stunning visuals and excellent social mechanics that drive the community. Guild Wars 2 has taken to releasing shorter expansions that are delivered to players more often. So far, the system seems to be doing well. As soon as players have managed to complete the new content, more is already on the way.

2. Elder Scrolls Online

elder scrolls
image via ZeniMax Online Studios

This is a gold mine for the Elder Scrolls franchise, filled with lore to uncover and new characters to meet. Players are able to explore the world, returning to familiar locations and discovering ones not seen in the original games. All races are available, and the character customization knows no bounds. Questions are fun to do, even the side quests. Fans can fall deep into the rabbit hole of this game and not emerge for a very long time. And with the game constantly getting new updates with more to explore, I don’t see how anyone can put this game down.

1. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft
Image via Blizzard

It’s the game, the myth, the legend, the MMO most people think of when they are asked what an MMO is. With plot and lore as deep and vast as the ocean and characters as numerous as grains of sand on the beach, World of Warcraft has much to offer and is continually adding more content as often as possible. It is certainly a behemoth to start as a new player, but it is easy to pick up and a joy to play with friends. There is something for everyone in this game: a whole universe to explore for new players and constant fresh content for veterans. Its reputation precedes it, as even non-gaming people know at least a little bit about World of Warcraft.