Top Hearthstone Rastakhan Priest Decks – December 2018


In Hearthstone, Priest has traditionally been another defensive class like Warrior. The ability to heal any target for two can be crucial in keeping and maintaining a healthy board, and that hasn’t really changed in Rastakhan’s Rumble. These three top Hearthstone Rastakhan Priest decks take a look at three different archetypes across both Standard and Wild, and they’re undoubtedly three of the best right now.

Miracle Priest – Standard (a256657881)

Miracle Priest has been around for a while now, and this deck takes advantage of Grave Horror, which decreases in cost for every spell you cast. When you have Dragon Soul equipped, with the number of cheap spells in the deck, you can quickly generate a huge board, especially if you already have Lyra the Sunshard in play. Seance, Regenerate, Banana Buffoon and Grave Horror are the only new cards here from Rastakhan’s Rumble, and each of them revolves around playing cheap spells to generate more, which is the basis for this deck.

Combo Priest – Standard (HazeHS)

Combo Priest is our favorite of the Priest archetypes and for good measure. It plays very similarly to Miracle Priest, but rather than generating endless spells, you want to buff up a minion – ideally Unpowered Steambot – to be as high statted as possible with Divine Spirit, then use Inner Fire. Again, the only new cards are Seance, Banana Buffoon and Grave Horror so look to utilize Lyra the Sunshard as effectively as possible.

Reno Priest – Wild (awedragonHS)

Reno Jackson is an incredibly powerful card, but to utilize it, you can only have one of every single card in your deck. It works exceptionally well in Priest where you can have Raza the Chained alongside Kazakus. This deck hasn’t changed much since The Boomsday Project, as Mass Hysteria is the only new card for a reasonably effective board clear, especially if your opponent has any poisonous minions. Survive the match until you can play Shadowreaper Anduin after Raza the Chained, throw down a bunch of cheap spells and that’s a lot of damage to your opponents face.

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