Total War: Three Kingdoms – How To Equip Followers

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In Total War: Three Kingdoms, followers can be powerful allies that can offer buffs to your Commanders and Champions. All of your leaders will have a Follower slot, where you can assign a Follower to them. The Follower can offer a range of buffs, from increases in military might and martial ability to improvements in your Diplomacy or Income.

Think carefully about which Followers you assign to which characters, as you can use them to really double down on a character’s strengths, or to help compensate for their weaknesses.

How To Equip Followers

How To Equip Followers

To equip a follower, you must first click on the character you wish to assign them to. Left click on their icon on the main map (or the icon of the character whose retinue they are in), then right click on their portrait in the bottom left of the screen.

The character screen will then open, and you will see five circles in a column at the center of their profile. Click on the Followers circle, and a side screen will open, showing you all the followers you currently have access to. Click on a follower and a smaller window will open on the left-hand side of the screen, showing the benefits that this follower offers.

When you find the one you want to equip, simply click on the Equip button under their portrait. Unlike Accessories, Followers do not have a cooldown when unequipped and can be instantly switched between characters if you wish.

Always make sure that you regularly check your available Followers, and that you have the right one equipped on the right character. Those buffs build up, and on harder difficulties, they can really make a difference to how capable your characters are at dealing with the challenges that will come their way.