Total War: Three Kingdoms – How Character Satisfaction Works

 Total War: Three Kingdoms – How Character Satisfaction Works

In Total War: Three Kingdoms you will have enemies all around, so ensuring that the members of your Faction are happy is extremely important to stop trouble from arising within your borders.

All characters in your Faction will have a satisfaction level, and keeping this satisfaction level high will stop them from causing insurrections, or spying on you for another faction that tries to win them over.

How To Check Character Satisfaction

To check your Character’s satisfaction, open the character list on the right side of the screen, or hit F2 on the keyboard. Each character will have a face icon beside their name that shows how satisfied they are. By scrolling over the face icon with your mouse, you can see a detailed breakdown of their satisfaction levels.

By doing this, you can see a list of all the Positive and Negative factors that are affecting your character’s satisfaction levels. It is important to check this often as if your character’s satisfaction level becomes negative; there is a chance they might betray you in some way.

How To Increase Character Satisfaction

The easiest way to increase a character’s satisfaction is with a simple promotion. You can do this from the Court screen, or the character’s profile screen if you wish.

Doing this may not fully satisfy a character so you might want to give them a position in your Court. Many characters desire to advance within the Court, and identifying them and giving them positions of authority is a great way to increase their satisfaction.

Doing so will give them an increased salary, so be mindful of that if money is tight, but will also improve their satisfaction, and offer several buffs that can be checked before you confirm their new position. Once a character is in your Court, it becomes even more important to keep them happy. An unhappy Court member who defects could cause a civil war, which is the last thing you need as you try to unify China.

One thing to be careful of is that characters do not clash with each other. This will affect their satisfaction, and also the smooth running of any Commandery or Army that they are both a part of. It is best to keep characters that dislike each other as separate as possible, to ensure smooth sailing.