Untitled Goose Game: How To Break the Dartboard


When you wiggle your way over to the pub in Untitled Goose Game, you’re going to see plenty of people enjoying their time having a drink. However, you’re a troublesome Goose who likes to cause trouble. You can’t have that happen. When you see an old man enjoying his time throwing darts at the dartboard, you have to stop him.

How to Break the Dartboard in Untitled Goose Game

When you’re in the lower area of the pub, close to the garden, you’re going to see an old man in a woolen hat casually playing the harmonica on a stool or throwing darts at a dartboard. A task on your Goose to-do list is to break that board. The best way to go about this is to wait until the old man plays with the board.

You can’t do it by yourself, though. You’re going to need the old man’s help to ruin his fun. Stalk near him between the two hedges as he’s grabbing one of the darts and preparing his shot.

When he’s gearing up his shot, you might want to watch him a few times. You’re going to find learning his time is a critical part of his challenge because if you’re off by a second, the old man is going to be shocked and stop his throw. You want him to complete his throw.

The old man is going to wind up his throw three times, and on the third pull back he’s going toss the dart. You want to honk during this third throwback, right when he releases the dart. Doing so causes the dartboard to crumble to the ground, breaking it and ruining the old man’s game.

You can continue to the rest of the pub to cause trouble, or entertain, the other patrons.