Untitled Goose Game: How To Help The Woman Dress Up The Bust


In Untitled Goose Game you play the part of a naughty goose who is up to no good. Each area of the game gives you a To-Do list of tasks that you need to complete to progress. In the Back Gardens, one of the tasks is to help the woman dress up the bust.

Help the woman dress up the bust

First thing you need to know is what items you need to get for the woman. If you spend some time in her garden, you will notice she is looking through the fence at the neighbors’ table, letting you know what you need to get. You need to drag the hat, pipe, and glasses from the man’s garden to the bowl in front of the bust in the woman’s garden.

First thing you need to do is get back to the man’s garden. Just grab the drawer in the cabinet near the woman’s shed and pull it out, and the whole thing will topple over, making a ramp back to the man’s garden.

Bust Location

There are a couple of ways to steal the items, but the vital thing to keep in mind is if the man sees you taken them, he will run after you. It is possible to steal them while he is reading his news paper, or after you use the gong to make him spit out his tea as he will go to the fence and complain about it to the woman. You can also steal them by using his slipper (which you can steal when he is drinking tea or reading the paper) as a distraction by making sure he sees you taking it then, then throwing it in the pond.

You also don’t need to steal them all at the same time. You can wait for your chance while making someone break the vase, or making the man spit out his tea, hide them, and then bring them all over in one go.

I like to steal all three items and hide them behind the bench at the bottom of the man’s garden, then take them through the hole by untying the yellow ribbon on the fence and going through the gap.

Then I just bring them all to the bowl in front of the bust and honking to get the woman’s attention. She will come up and put them all on the bust, and the task will be completed.