Untitled Goose Game – How To Complete All Back Gardens Tasks


Untitled Goose Game is here, and it is time to be a nuisance. In this guide, we show you how to complete all the tasks in the Back Gardens area. So, get ready to get up to no good/

How To Complete All Back Gardens Tasks

One quick note here. If you get trapped in the second garden, pull the drawer out of the table near the shed, and it collapses into a ramp.

Make someone break the fancy vase

The neighbor in the first garden throws anything you bring in from his neighbor’s backyard. Steal the elegant vase and bring it to his side, and he’s going to throw it back over and break it.

Help the woman dress up the bust

You need to drag the hat, pipe, and glasses from the man’s garden to the bowl in front of the bust in the woman’s garden. Wait for the man to read his paper, and then sneakily steal them one by one.

Make the man spit out his tea

Sneak into the woman’s garden, wait for him to drink his tea, then hit the hammer on the big bell behind him.

Get dressed up with a ribbon

There is a goose statue beside the loose panel in the woman’s fence. Grab the ribbon off it, and then drop it on the ground. Drag the goose figure away to take it’s place before the woman sees you do it. The lady will notice the ribbon on the ground and put it on you.

Make the man go barefoot

To make the man go barefoot, you need to take one slipper while he is reading the paper and hide it. Then take the other while he is drinking his tea.

Do the Washing

Grab the bra, both socks, a slipper and the bar of soap and throw them in the pond. It is best to collect all these items and leave then behind the bench below the pond, only putting them in the pond itself when you have them all. To get the slipper, wait until the man is reading his paper, then you can easily steal it off his foot.

Make someone prune the prize rose

Drag the flower pot with the rose in it down to the bush. Then go through the fence to the woman’s yard and attack the hedge to make all the twigs stick out. The woman will prune the bush but also cuts the rose in the process.