Untitled Goose Game: How to steal the old man’s woolen hat


House House’s Untitled Goose Game is an adventure in harmless pranks. You’re a nuisance, nearly everyone in this town hates you, and with some good reason if that hint at the beginning is any indication. You’ve dedicated your entire fowl life to making these poor townsfolk miserable.

And it’s glorious.

The post-game content of House House’s Untitled Goose Game encourages you to be as much a nuisance as the core game. The to-do list updates with some more challenging aspects, such as locking the gardener out of the garden, or stealing a poor, unsuspecting man’s woolen hat. The tasks are not significantly more challenging but are a little less straightforward.

If you struggled with forcing the gardener to wear a sunhat, the task “Steal the old man’s woolen hat” probably makes you groan. The old man in question is the one playing darts at the pub. He occasionally sits down on the stool to play his harmonica. In the first half of the game, you as the annoying goose stole the stool out from under him and probably ran away honking your victory.

How to steal the old man’s woolen hat

The process is nearly the same as it was with the gardener. You’ve already figured out half of it. Just make him fall on his bum again and take the hat.

  • Position yourself by the stool

  • When he is facing away from you, about to sit, quickly steal the stool

  • Once he’s fallen on the ground, run up to him and grab his hat

  • Honk to establish dominance (optional)

I hope you’re happy with yourself. You’ve made an old man fall on his bum and then stole his hat. Good job, goose.