Untitled Goose Game: How to Steal a Pint Glass and Drop it in the Canal


You’re not going to find a better time with being a Goose than visiting a small pub in Untitled Goose Game. A troubling task you’re going to see on your to-do list is needing to steal one of the pint glasses from the pub, and dump it in the river. You’re going to encounter several obstacles during this task, though.

How to Steal The Pint Glass and Drop it in the Canal in Untitled Goose Game

The obvious thing for you to do is to grab the glass from one of the tables, rush out of the pub area and proceed across the street to toss it in the river. Simple? Not exactly. Unfortunately, the pint glass is exceptionally delicate. If you drop it on the ground or try to place it, it’s going to break. You don’t want to remove it from your beak at any point until you throw it in the canal.

Before you go for the pint glass, you need to distract the man guarding the front entrance. The quickest way to do this is to steal his tomatoes sitting in the box behind him. Grab the trio, or only one, and place them somewhere hidden. To get his attention, honk a few times and then hide underneath the pub. He won’t notice you, but he’s going to notice the missing tomato.

Now, you can grab the pint glass. You can run around to one of the stairs and go up them, grabbing the object. With the man’s back turned to you, you can exit the pub and go across the street. If you run into the delivery person, avoid them, because knocking into them might cause you to drop the glass.

Go across the street and jump into the water. When you toss the pint glass in you’re going to check that task off your checklist. You can sneak back into the pub the same way you got into it.