Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough – Defeat Sewer Beast, Vincent & Toby Sheen

In the previous chapter Quarantine, Jonathan Reid who turned into a vampire accidentally killed his sister. He is now trying to found who was behind this misfortune. After meeting Dr. Swansea at the hospital who also offered Jonathan a job and resting place in this part you will be spying on a Nurse to crack a blackmailing issue, in between, you will also fight with Sewer Beast Boss.

Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough

White Coat Mission

You will have enough time at the hospital to craft items and to upgrade your skills. Check out the crafting section once and later continue with the mission. There are three main quests in this Night Shift, A Rat in the Hospital and Blackmail in Whitechapel.

Night Shift

Exit your office and talk to nurse Crane. She will tell you about the antiseptic issue. You will have to visit the old morgue and mix up some homemade chemicals to build the medicine. On your way, you will also find a few creatures. Fight your way towards the morgue. Below are the ingredients you have to find.

Ferrous tartrate Location: Once you enter to take the door on the front. Turn left and go towards the stairs in the end. Take the first room on the right which looks like a lab. Look on the table on the right for a Y sign. Take this time.

Quinine & Basement Key Location: Come out and look on your right a creature is feeding on a dead body. Kill him and from the table take the item. For the key to the basement look in the room on your left, there is a table the key is on it.

Sodium Hypochlorite Location: For this last item you will have face John Doe a boss type enemy. Go down and enter the basement, the door is on the right of stairs. Go in and turn right, walk straight in the end there is a large door open that and you will be in a large hall. There is a table in the center where you will get this item.

John Doe Boss Fight:

He will be waiting for you in the basement the place where you will get the third item for medicine. His attacks pattern are easy to understand. He will teleport and attack you in a straight line. You have to dodge the attacks. You will see a black smoke that predicts it attack, use that to cause him high damage through your vampire powers.

Once you get all the three items go to the crafting table for which you have to two options. First, you can go to your room or you can craft it in the basement of the morgue. Look for a table upstairs, craft a Treatment for Fatigue. Return to Nurse Crane and give her the medicine.

A Rat in the Hospital

Talk to Dr. Swansea, he is upstairs in his office. He will tell you about benefactors. Next, you will have to locate Lady Ashbury. Dr. Swansea will ask you to look into her blackmail issue, she is outside the hospital. There are tents you can see outside, Lady Ashbury is one of them. You have to talk to Harriet Jones, walk left from the tent and you will an entrance. Go right and then take the first door on the right which will lead you to the women. Talk to her and she will hint you about a strange man visiting one of the nurses. Next, you will have to spy on Nurse Crane.

Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough

You will learn about eavesdropping ability after the spying objective and next, you will have to follow the thug. They will head into a sewer. There will be another boss fight.

Sewer Beast Boss Fight:

The Sewer Beast is highly resistant to Blood Attack. Melee attacks won’t do much damage. The first thing you have to do is learn to dodge when the beast is attacking. The beast will run towards you win speed and use a claw attack. Dodge that and then use a gun instead to bring down a chunk of his health. Use your vampire powers also in between if you had upgraded them well then you can cause a good damage. You have to try different things here. His powerful strike can cause a lot of damage. It can bounce out from the attacks. The beast can also heal itself that makes him a tough target. Attack the beast once or twice and then dodge. In this way, you can save your health and cause damage. Due to this high health bar, it is going to take a long time to kill him. His roar attack can’t be dodge, it will stun you for a while and then drink your blood. Try running in a circle, that will slow down the beast. Also when you get chance to drink his blood.

Blackmail in Whitechapel

Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough

Return to the surface, and try saving the man who is being attacked by Skals. He is protecting himself behind a metal door. After saving him return to the hospital. You will be going to Whitechapel to investigate, but before it is good to level up and upgrade. Once you are done find Darius residence at Whitechapel. He will not let you in, to enter you will need to a letter. Go to the left side of the house there is a locked gate, use the eavesdropping ability to observe. You will see the old man talking to the nurse. Next, you will have to find Clayton Darby and Richard Nithercott. To find Clayton Darby turnaround from the gate and walk left, next take the first right. On your right, there will be a shop – Booksellers Librarians. Keep walking and on your left, you will spot two citizens talking. From there walk a bit left side and look for stairs, Clayton will be standing there, he wears a blue coat.

Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough

Talk to him and he will tell you about a letter. The letter is in a mailbox and it is addressed to Darius Petrescu’s family. To get the letter, go upstairs and walk right. On your right a bit ahead you will see a women Camellia. On the left corner, there is a letterbox where you will find the letter. Return to Darius. This time he will let you in. Next, you have to talk to Nurse Crane. Go the backside of the house, you have to help her in a operation. Go upstairs and you will find her near a patient. After assisting her you will get a choice to kill Nurse Crane or Leave her. If you kill her, then there will be a lot of issues. Her area will run into chaos and you will lose all NPC’s and side quest in the area. You can kill her later on.

Toby Sheen and Vincent Sheen Boss Fight:

While returning to the hospital you will have to face 2 sub-bosses. These are Level 14 bosses. These are not very powerful bosses, and there will be smaller enemies will constantly respawn during the fight. Toby Sheen will attack you from a distance he is a shooter while Vincent will attack you with a shotgun. So you can try focusing first on Vincent who will be near. You have to maintain a good distance if you don’t want to lose health. Vincent can be killed fast using a different type of attacks and powers. Next target Toby.

Return to Pembroke Hospital, and talk to Lady Ashbury. Let her know that you had sorted the blackmailing issue. You will have to return back to your room and analyze the blood sample. This is where the second chapter ends. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 3 Family History or you can also read our Vampyr Wiki guide for more updates on the game.