Roblox Warrior Simulator codes (October 2021)

Are there any codes available in War Simulator?

It is time to go to battle and fight for your blocky freedom in Roblox. Warrior Simulator places you in various historical wars from Medieval to future times, and tasks you with becoming the most skilled and deadly soldier on the front lines. Upon your experience gains and ranking up through the game, you will become better outfitted to deal with any opposition. For a boost in production, and the chance to obtain some extra freebies, we have compiled a list of available codes that can be redeemed in the game.

How to redeem codes

To redeem these codes click on the Twitter icon on the left side of your screen. A new dialogue will be opened where you can type in the code of your choice. Hit the green “Redeem” button and your rewards will be applied.

Active codes

  • SnugLife – one starter pet
  • winterwarrior – 50k Coins
  • ActiveWizard20k – 150k Coins
  • joineddiscord – 80k Coins
  • 73M1LL1ON – 100k Coins

Inactive codes

  • 40M!
  • newmoon
  • 6million
  • 1million
  • SubToSnugLife
  • Area51