Warframe Dead Eye Aura Mods

Warframe Mods are used in game to enhance certain aspects of your Weapons and Warframes. Many of these Mods will drop for you by killing enemies, as missions rewards, or via trade with other players. The Dead Eye mod can be obtained by doing specific Alerts that will offer it as a reward. To check which Alerts are active, go to your navigation screen and check the Alerts section in the top right of the screen.

In this guide, we will be looking at Dead Eye, an Aura Mod that increases sniper rifle damage, up to a maximum of 52.5% at maximum rank

Warframe Dead Eye Aura Mod

Warframe Dead Eye

Warframe Dead Eye Aura Mod

  • Mod Name – Dead Eye
  • Capacity Drain & Polarity – 7 Madurai (at max Rank)
  • Mod Rank – 5
  • Aura/Stance Indicator – Aura
  • Rarity Uncommon
  • Rank 0: Snipe Rifle Damage: +8.8%, Cost: -2
  • Rank 1: Snipe Rifle Damage: +17.5%, Cost: -3
  • Rank 2: Snipe Rifle Damage: +26.2%, Cost: -4
  • Rank 3: Snipe Rifle Damage: +35%, Cost: -5
  • Rank 4: Snipe Rifle Damage: +43.8%, Cost: -6
  • Rank 5: Snipe Rifle Damage: +52.5%, Cost: -7

Important Tips For Dead Eye

  • Dead Eye is an excellent Aura when you know you are going to be fighting a Boss. It is not always easy to get a massive bump to damage output, but this Aura Mod will massively increase the damage done by Sniper Rifles. This makes it an excellent option if you are the person doing DPS in Eidolon fights.
  • The damage provided will stack with other damage mods, such as Serration. Given that most people will run something like Corrosive Projection, you may need to decide if you want the specific extra Sniper Rifle damage, or the reduction in enemy armor. This will vary, depending on what boss you are fighting.
  • As it is an Aura Mod, the benefit to Sniper Rifle damage will apply to the squad, as such, you may want to balance things depending on the fight you are about to take part in. You can check what Aura Mods your squad are using in the mission navigator screen.
  • If you are new to the game, and have been searching for this Mods based off an active alert, you may benefit from reading our Complete Mods Guide.